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Donna W. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven

Goffstown, New Hampshire
Certified as a Personal Trainer by the NSCA since 1999. Love to work with people who need help in losing weight and learning how to exercise. I was a 'weekend warrior' for 15 years out of college and in the insurance industry and I was getting fat! So I took myself out of that situation and lost weight and became fit and wanted to do the same for others. I've always been active with hiking,...

Dawn B.

Woodside, California
I am a health physicist poet. For work I head the medical group at Stanford's EH&S Health Physics Department. I spend my days assisting the Medical Center in issues involving radiation safety. It's a great job! At night I twiddle at poetry. I am slowly working on a collection of poems that I might call King's Mountain Meanderings. My passionate hobby is world travel with my husband. We...

Masaru O.

STANFORD, California
Hey everyone, I'm a sophomore. I am involved with SPOT, Stanford Pre-Orientation Trips, among other things. It's really awesome, you get to go backpacking and get to meet freshmen. I like backpacking and hiking/climbing in general too, though I mostly go to Colorado and West Texas with my family. I also run (distance/marathony) and photograph for the Daily. Woohoo!

NurseApril Health Maven

I am the 38 year old mother to a 5 year old girl (bd Sept 05) and a 3 year old boy (bd Nov 07) I am an RN, I work part time for a community college as a clinical instructor for LPN students. In the summers I work for an agency in various nursing homes as a supervisor. Now I am working on my master's degree in nursing education through an online class.  I...

Amanda M.

Fort Worth, Texas
I am outgoing, energetic mom of a baby boy who loves outdoor activities. My husband and I often take vacations that require backpacking, hiking and camping. Can't sit still for too long!
Communities: Biking, Swimming, Walking , ...

Susan P.

LOS ALTOS, California
I like outside activities. Would love to meet people who also enjoy camping, hiking and backpacking. I miss going to Blue Canyon in the summer (my happy place) and waking up in Yosemite!! I used to belong to a Hawaiian outrigger race team, but the season goes from march to october, so now I just practive paddle with them from time to time. I'm interested in becoming a Rock Climber. I will be...
Communities: Dance, Hiking, Sports , ...


Life is good. It should be fun. If you don't absolutely love this stuff, then try something else. Some useless tidbits about me...   --Been into fun/play all my life. --Compete/Play in XTERRA, road triathlons, mountain bike racing, loooong distance mountain bike races, bikepacking, mountain trekking, hiking, offroading, a little dirtbiking, lots of running,...

Claire S.

STANFORD, California
I am a senior at Stanford, and I am a coordinator for the Stanford Pre Orientation Trip outdoor program. I also love hiking and backpacking. Additionally, I love to run, swim, and bike, but also enjoy playing team sports like beach volleyball.

Thuan L.

PALO ALTO, California
I'm a mad scientist with a wide variety of interests. Hiking, backpacking, jujitsu, swing/blues dancing... I tried sailing once, but that didn't go well. I like to cook, so I'm always on the lookout for yummy, but easy recipes to make.
Communities: Dance, Martial Arts, Hiking , ...

Laura G.

MENLO PARK, California
I enjoy being outdoors in the fresh air. I believe that it is important to get outside and appreciate the beauty of nature. I enjoy hiking and running. I also enjoy long brisk walks with friends. I am strivng to improve my physical fitness level so that I will be better able to participate in activites which are of interest to me such as backpacking.