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Collins, Mississippi
Im a first year medical student. Want to help people and want help from other people.

Donna W. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven

Goffstown, New Hampshire
Certified as a Personal Trainer by the NSCA since 1999. Love to work with people who need help in losing weight and learning how to exercise. I was a 'weekend warrior' for 15 years out of college and in the insurance industry and I was getting fat! So I took myself out of that situation and lost weight and became fit and wanted to do the same for others. I've always been active with hiking,...

NurseApril Health Maven

I am the 38 year old mother to a 5 year old girl (bd Sept 05) and a 3 year old boy (bd Nov 07) I am an RN, I work part time for a community college as a clinical instructor for LPN students. In the summers I work for an agency in various nursing homes as a supervisor. Now I am working on my master's degree in nursing education through an online class.  I...

jones m.

SUNNYVALE, California
i love kayaking and hiking... i find that i am able to connect with nature and almost, meditate, when i'm out on in the "wilderness"

Gracemarie G.

PROVO, California
Hello! My family and I have relocated to Utah from San Diego and no, we are not LDS. I am at the beginning of my journey to wellness/healthiness in a complete way. Please, if you have any helpful hints, I welcome them all.

Karine G.

San Francisco, California
I moved to the Bay Area from Boston a year ago. I love being here & being able to access the outdoors year round. I love hiking & am always looking for cool new hikes in this area. I'm also starting to play tennis, a new years resolution for the last 3 years but finally making it a reality this year!
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David D.

SAUSALITO, California
I work in the university administration and it's probably safe to say in a relatively high-stress, high profile position. I have a long commute to Stanford so I find myself challenged regarding regular exercise -- it's dark now when I leave home, dark and late when I return. So I end up being a weekend warrior when it comes to exercise -- trail running, hiking in Marin. My crazy schedule also...

John J.

I work at the business school. In my spare time, I play pool -- a LOT of pool -- and experiment with cooking.

Love2Hike ..

San Mateo, California
Communities: Hiking