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Andrea Albright

 Andrea Albright is the author of the wildly popular Amazing Body Now program for 100% natural weight loss. Her gentle, loving approach to losing weight has has helped thousands of other struggling women and men make the body-spirit connection to losing weight. She shows them how to cherish their body, jump off the fad dieting roller coaster, lose body fat naturally, and drop down to...

Karen Morris Facebook

United Kingdom
Currently I am full time university student, training to be a Social Worker. I made a promise to myself that I'd lose weight and become healthy so that I could carry out such a stressful, but meaningful career path to the best of my ability.  Since the 11th of May 2011, I have gone from being obese to healthy, along the way I've taught myself how to cook (a skill all students should...

Kai J.

Menlo Park, California
My name is Kaila but friends call me Kai. I have been at Stanford for the past 6 years. I am the Faculty Affairs Coordinator for the Anthropology Department. I am looking forward to losing weight and staying healthy!

Shaun J.

Mountain View, California
just having fun!

Fitho Wellness

Delhi, India is India’s favourite website for weight loss diet plan, where you can get a healthy weight loss diet plan for yourself, which is customized to your age, gender, nutritional needs and lifestyle. The Fitho diet plan is easy to follow and you get to choose from vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options, along with your personal preference for Indian or mixed (Indo-continental)...
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An ingredient called Asia, Amorphophallus japonica, was a miracle as many potential arose sought. Slimzene supports healthy weight loss and helps to reduce appetite while! Until now, scientists had almost given up the puzzle to solve. Resistant to weight loss is a biochemical puzzle that affects about 65% of the population. Maintaining a healthy blood sugar metabolism at the same time ...