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NourishedFit Facebook

Austin, Texas
Hi all! My name is Alyson and my passions are fitness, nutrition, and helping others become healthier and happier. I believe health isn't about eating cardboard, restricting calories, or killing yourself in the gym everyday. I believe health is an enjoyable evolving journey to find balance between staying active and eating well, while also enjoying all of life's little pleasures (and...


Boston, Massachusetts
Hi, I'm Caroline and I'm studying to be a registered dietitian and am getting my masters degree in Nutrition Communication. I write a food blog full of healthy dishes and fun facts. I cook healthy meals and bake not-so-healthy treats because I'm all about moderation. When you're eating a diet based on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, you can have that peanut butter cookie when the craving...

sylvia b.

san jose, California
a nurse at vaden student health center. the staff at vaden are very caring people and we all care about the students. books, dogs, yoga, pilates and the dish are my mainstays. more? ask me.


salem, Oregon
I'm just turning 60, exercise 3hrs twice a week and try to eat well. 6'1"  205 lbs. I want to learn more about nutrition and exercise combinations to eat right to rebuild all my cells I destroy when I workout.


NYC, New York
I'm a wife and mom, working on losing the 20 plus pounds that I've regained. My aim is to improve my health by eating healthy foods, avoiding sweets, and doing my exercises for my back and sciatica problems. I believe that faith, a healthy diet and a positive attitude will help me overcome my physical struggles.


West Des Moines, Iowa
I’ve lived in Iowa for the better part of 26 years (minus a three year stint in Minneapolis after college) and while it may get a bad rap, Iowa’s a fabulous place to live! The cost of living is low which allows me to travel, great food can be found locally which lets me eat well, and trails are abundant which allows me to run free!   I’m 100% an adventurer at heart...

Rob N.

San Francisco, California
I enjoy healthy habits, eating well and getting plenty of excercise outdoors, which includes lots of tennis. I enjoy cooking and eating out to new places here in the city which makes it fun to try new places. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and really love taking care of people in need and its a great thing to hlp the community in this great city of San Francisco. My family is very important...

Healthy Jalapeno

I am a twenty-something looking to make great healthy dishes for my family and friends to enjoy. Growing up I was never taught to cook and most of my family didn't consist of excellent chef's so needless to say there weren't many 'family recipes' to pass down. I have since moved into a condo with my boyfriend and have gone crazy with baking, cooking and whipping up all different meals and dishes...

Jessica K.

Stanford, California
I love the outdoors! Hiking and running are definitely my favorite activities. Being a busy Ph.D. student in ChE, I'm always up for trying healthy dishes that don't require much preparation.

J D.

Folsom, California
I'm committed to losing 10 pounds and improving overall fitness. I have a goal of July 1 for achieving a fitness level for tolerance of stress / less rest and continued productivity (I have a son due to arrive in July).