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Shelley Alexander

My blog and holistic food, nutrition, and wellness company A Harmony Healing makes getting healthy delicious! I truly believe that everyone deserves to eat delicious, healing whole foods that taste great and provide increased energy, strength and immunity. My mission is to help my blog readers and clients live a healthier life and experience the joy that comes with feeling and looking their...

Stacy M.

United States
I have been providing tailored nutrition counseling, nutrition seminars and food preparation classes for five years. I love cooking, eating, experimenting with food, grocery shopping and making my food by hand. I created this blog to document nutrition tips, thoughts I have about the food regularly consumed in the U.S., and most importantly, my triumphs and less than successful attempts at...


Hanover, Pennsylvania
Hey!  I own a personal training/boot camp fitness studio in Hanover PA and run boot camp classes 5x/week!  I also do personal training, sports performance camps, and regular nutrition seminars at my gym, Next Level Fitness!

Sifu Edward Niam Facebook

Hudson, Ohio
Curriculum Vitae— Sifu Edward Niam   Sifu Edward Niam is the founder of Tai Chi Institute USA and creator of ~The Movement of Life~ which provides training for people of all ages to improve their  mental and physical health through concepts found in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Shaolin Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Founder of  Motivational Seminars...
Communities: Exercise, Martial Arts, Football , ...

Ana Zaharia

I am a health coach in training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and have taken Natalia Rose's brilliant Advanced Detox Seminar. It took me a long time to get here, after years of searching for the answer to all the chronic issues I was lead to believe were normal. I am exstatic to say that the false truth of being predispositioned and doomed to look and feel a certain way is no longer...


Harleysville, Pennsylvania
Courtney A. Ragonesi is known as the "Wellness Genius". As an ordained minister, wellness educator and writer, she partners with artists to tap into their creative flow ~at will. She has an extensive knowledge portfolio including Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy, Meridian Therapy, Morter Health System featuring B.E.S.T., Meditation and Flower Essence Therapy. Courtney has had...


DTLA, California
Carmen Garcia is an internationally recognized fitness celebrity, proficient in all levels of nutrition, health, wellness, and yoga principles. An all around athlete with a competitive nature and a zest for healthy living and cooking, Carmen's philosophy: spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental well being are the inseparable ingredients to a healthy life. Carmen has worked hard to become...

NuHealth Homeopathy

Hello, I'm a Holistic Nutritionist and Homeopathic Doctor with a passion for complimentary health and wellness. It is my hope that this blog will help educate people and empower them to take their health and that of their family into their own hands... learn, explore, question and live happy, healthy and full lives! I enjoy teaching people both one on one and through health and wellness...

Modern Alchemy

Ottawa, Canada
Hello there, my name is Robert Mayr and I own a company called Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers Inc., operating out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Our company is committed to educating the public about the short and long-term dangers of poor indoor air quality on their health via seminars, product shows and through our very informative website.   Frustrated with seeing so many substandard...

Dr. R

Stratford, Connecticut
We know that staying well involves more than just visits to the doctor?s office. It is also important to stay active, manage stress levels and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Center for Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) is renowned for offering Naturopathic Care in a relaxed family environment. Our physicians take the time to teach each patient how to restore and maintain their health. CNM...