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Kiamesha lake, New York
Nily Naiman was born in Israel in December of 1953. She was the elder of two sisters in a hard working family that had arrived there after the defeat of the Third Reich. Nily grew up in a time of constant war and political and cultural upheaval in a narrow-minded society of Holocaust survivors and new Jewish immigrants who had come from all over the world. She struggled throughout her...

Lupie 2008

Hello Everyone, I believe I should of been diagnosed with lupus in 2008 thats why I call myself Lupie2008 instead my lovely doctor thought it was Rheumatoid which it was but, it was both. He refused to test me for it. So, I came to California a few years later with the same symptoms and saw another Rheumatoid doctor and she could not believe his ignorance. I'm so happy to have her. In a...

Spirited Lady Living Health MavenFacebook

Coeur d Alene, Idaho
I suffered from and eating disorder for many years. My intention now is to become an eating disorder recovery coach. Here is a short story of my journey. My ed started in about 4th or 5th grade after another one of our moves. I started spending all my allowance on candy and stashing it in my room. I also started playing sick from school so I could stay home and eat while everyone was gone....
Communities: Eating Disorders
Goals: Eat healthy

Erica P. Registered NurseHealth Maven

Colorado Springs, Colorado
I'm an ER nurse, a single mom, a writer, an editor, and the poster child for ADD. I drink too much coffee and too little water. I smile a lot and sleep a little. I'm mostly a happy person, though I'm told I have anger issues and obedience issues. I like stargazer lilies and I hate ironing.

Vanessa W.

St. Louis, Missouri
I'm an artist at heart stuck in the tech world during the day. I love to create! I also feel both betrayed by my body, and as if I have betrayed it. I love going places, and doing things outdoors, but I hate feeling out of place. I hate the feeling of being winded or tired when I should be having fun. If I just push through and over do it, I get a headache. So, I sit. I do my art...


Sun City, California
Hello my name is Nancy and i'm 21 years old. I've beed obese for most of my life but things started to go really bad when I was about 16 i started gaining the weight to fast and i weight around 265 So being stupid i started doing crystal and was happy to do it for about 8 months in which I lost about 120 pounds but then I stopped doing that stuff and gained the weight back and even more I was...


my name is cora. i love cats. and my cocker spanial Maddy. and my baby Ella. i am 17 and i love all outdoor things. and sports. my favorite is volleyball. oh and i hate bitchy people. and people wwho dont like or hate animals. (micheal vick also)


New York
I hate reading. At least, I used to hate reading. I would sit for hours puzzling over words, trying to understand something more complicated than my young brain could manage. I was an elementary school student with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Consequently, I loved writing. Before I learned to properly draw my “J”s (instead of...
Communities: ADD & ADHD


I'm 44 years young, mother of 3 adult daughters and 1 high school freshman daughter.  I love to read, dance, and listen to music.  I have a husband I love somedays and hate others.  LOL!!  I enjoy laughing and making people happy.  I've had gastric bypass surgury in 8/2005.  I love my new look, but hate the side effects.  I want to meet and talk to new people...