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Princeline R. Facebook

Phoenix, Arizona
JN. 12, 2005,  as I did my breast exam each month…hum, what’s this….right otherside of the right breast, different, no it’s not a lump, must have a mole or something I’ve just not noticed before; look in the mirror, no mole….feel again, well it does feel like a lump, but not to worry, it is nothing…..(I am the QUEEN of da Nile, more over...


United States


United States


Auckland, New Zealand
A kiwi who loves to research and learn more on health and wellness, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, Yoga, meditation, Photo Therapy and LOTS more...


I started this journey in December as a 419lb man with limited hope and no plan. I knew what I wanted. I wanted a better life for my wife and son. I wanted to be there for them instead of lagging behind and out of breath both figurative and literally. I knew that if I wanted to live even another five years, my life needed a change. In a miracle that not even I could have imagined, I was...
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United States

Dr.Bharat Chawda

Bhilai, India
we've state of the art laser,cosmetic ,skin and hair transplant clinic at apollo bsr hospital,bhilai,chhattisgarh.We  perform Microfollicular hair transplantation ,laser hair removal,mole removal,vitiligo surgery etc.

Barbara J. Miller

Hi, I am Barbara J. Miller.I am a freelance writer and besides conquering acne myself, I regularly research and write about skin care topics such as acne, scarring, moles, warts and the like.To learn more about how to get rid of acne scars, please visit my site at Just scan through and you will see a candid, comprehensive, quality content-rich, informative and...