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Oakland, California
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United States

green tea and kimchi

Seoul, South Korea
i’m a teacher, home cook and advocate of the simple things in life. my husband and i bid farewell to the big city of chicago and the urban sprawl of orlando to live on a farm and study traditional food in the korean countryside. my time spent in rural korea has forever changed me and, although i have since relocated to seoul for work, i yearn for the simple peace that rural life...


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Ashlyn M.

Columbia, Missouri
I'm: 21 years old, vegetarian, four years and going strong, engaged to a vegetarian home cooking extrordainaire. (he's off to culinary school next year!), new to yoga, a teaching assistant, and student at university of missouri, studying public relations/journalism, a pet parent to two wonderful rescue dogs: riley and cody I love: green tea, veggies, tofu, wine, and has a weakness for...


Blogger at Captivated by Love. Newlywed. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Vegetarian. List-Maker. Fitness Lover. Green Tea Drinker. Runner. And all around Happy Camper.


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