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Holistic Bed and Breakfast

Hi everyone!   In sum, I had health issues my whole life, pre-diabetes, weight problems, back pain, leg pain, migraines, infections, indigestions, constant colds and bronchitis...   At the age of 18 i was 125, size 2-4 I was thin, but not healthy :( I went on to University  where I managed to gain a Law Degree, Master, Bar and a lovely 60 pounds of FAT. ...
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Goals: Lose weight


It has natural ingredients like raspberry ketone, green tea extract, acai berry, apple cider vinegar, grapefruit extract, African mango and kelp. It’s an amazing formula that suppresses appetite and burns fat quickly. Without any crash dieting, it literally shrivels up your fat.

eatspinlive Health Maven

Wichita Falls, Texas
  Hi, I’m Amanda! Welcome to Eat, Spin, Live! I am a 22 year old girl living in Texas with a passion for nutrition, healthy eating, staying active, and living life to the fullest! I just graduated from college with by Bachelors of Science in Psychology and am currently working towards my Masters in General Counseling! I love helping people in any way that I possibly can...
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I lost 56 pounds and recovered from chronic fatigue syndrome with a green smoothie diet.  I invented the filling Green smoothie called 'Green Thickies' as a healthy meal replacement smoothie.   I am passionate about helping people become healthy and reach their ideal weight. I post at least 2 new green thickie recipes on my website each week plus other articles about healthy...
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United States



April G.

Cupertino, California
Things I love... Shopping, Tanning, Sleeping, Snowboarding, Being with my Girlies, Eating out, Flowers, Lip gloss, Cute puppies, 3 day weekends, Road trips, Smoothies, Flip flops, Lifted Trucks, Street bikes, Sunglasses, Famous Stars and Straps, Abercrombie, The color PINK, High heels, Jessica Simpson, Chips and Salsa, Tiffany's, bebe Sport, Working out, Dallas cowboys, Redline, Bottle water,...


Paradise, Canada
I'm a whole food and raw loving girl...I think carrot juice is mighty tasty and that green smoothies are superhero's food...but don't get me wrong! I'm a total chocolate addict. I believe that Vitamin C stands for chocolate and that my quality of life would decrease without it. I believe that all these amazing foods that God gave us are one of the keys to health, quality of life, fitness,...
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Tokyo, Japan
In Spring 2009, I had stage 1 cancer. In Oct 2009, there was N.E.D (no evidence of cancer). I am lucky to have caught this so early on and will fight to keep this at bay for as long as I live. Join me on a green-juicing, smoothie-making, mostly raw-food eating, sprint-triathalon-training journey to reclaim my life back.
Communities: Triathlon, Raw Food
Goals: Eat healthy