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Lancaster, Massachusetts
Julyana is an experienced tribal style dancer who teaches and performs in Central Massachusetts for the past 15 years. She specializes in theatrical style, tribal improvisation, tribal fusion, and gothic style belly dance, and currently teaches at local dance and pilates studios. She performs at local events including Northeast Bellydance Association haflas, clubs, festivals, restaurants,...
Communities: Dance, Exercise

Boheme Tribal Belly Dance

Belly Dance is my joie de vivre! I've studied the art for over 15 years, including the historical and cultural aspects of the dance. Middle Eastern dress, costuming and ornamentation are especially intriguing to me. I am the Artistic Director of Boheme. We focus primarily on tribal style, including ATS, but enjoy performing and studying other forms of Middle Eastern Dance as well. Boheme...
Communities: Dance

Ai Lu

New York, New York
I am interested in food, both in its delights and its disorders. Three years ago I recovered from an eating disorder, and I write about food, cooking, and other forms of nourishment -- the things that satisfy my belly-hunger and my yearning for a richer life. I am interested in food, both in its delights and its disorders. Three years ago I recovered from an eating disorder, and I write about...
Communities: Yoga, Eating Disorders


Braidwood, Illinois
I am a belly dance teacher in Diamond, IL (Dynamic Fitness Center) and Morris, IL (Morris Athletic Club).  My troupe, Valhalla Bellydance, performs at many local festivals as well as other community and private events. Our website will be up soon!


United States


Im a 26 year old female, with a 5 year old son. Im engaged to the most wonderful man in the world. My 5 year old son was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2 1/2. We have done everything we possibly can to reverse it, and hes a totally different child now. Unless you spent prolonged periods with him, you wouldnt know anything was wrong with him. I was also born with Gastroschesis. I love my belly...

PKD belly

United States

Maz P. Facebook

Buddha Belly Bites: Food for the soul. "You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body" C. S. Lewis. Sharing simple ways to nourish your soul through your belly and other cool things that create good vibes :) A bit about me: I live in the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia. I'm into great food, yoga and I totally love life! If you have any questions about...
Communities: Vegan, Yoga, Raw Food