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Ostrava, Czech Republic
I was always skinny. That affected my confidence, success with women and it negatively reflected in almost everything I did. Even after three years of working out I still looked the same! I was doing exactly what I heard from the big guys in the gym, read in fitness & bodybuilding magazines. I was also spending hundreds of dollars every month on different supplements like proteins...


DTLA, California
Carmen Garcia is an internationally recognized fitness celebrity, proficient in all levels of nutrition, health, wellness, and yoga principles. An all around athlete with a competitive nature and a zest for healthy living and cooking, Carmen's philosophy: spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental well being are the inseparable ingredients to a healthy life. Carmen has worked hard to become...


I am widow, raising my two children.. Along with being a ACE Personal Trainer.. Competive bodybuiler, Superfitness competitor, fitness & swimsuit model for Muscle Magazine International. Keeping fit, staying fit and enjoying sharing my experiences & knowledge with others. Making our bodies be healthy & fit as they can be, and any age =)
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I'm a nationally and internationally Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, originally from Sweden now living in Phoenix, AZ. I'm certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Scandinavian Academy of Fitness Education and Sports Aerobic Training System. I'm a former model and dancer and been into fitness my whole life.


   Hi.  I am a personal chef and personal trainer from NJ.  I am interested in fitness, industrial and lifestyle modeling and acting.   I like running, weight training, bookstores, the woods, the beach and travel.   

Morgan C.

Chattanooga, Tennessee
I used to be involved in a lot of things back home, and since moving here I feel like I need to belong to something again. I enjoy running, dancing, skating, acting, modeling, and keeping fit.
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Andrea Metcalf Health Maven

Chicago, Illinois
Andrea Metcalf is a nationally recognized fitness expert and a popular media personality.  In the last decade, Andrea had appeared as a contributor for several national publiscations including MORE, Self Shape, Women’s World, All You, as well as “The Today Show.”  For more than 25 years Andrea has inspired people from all walks of life to feel better and move....
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Brad ..

Coppell, Texas
As a fitness and nutrition guru, Brad Linder helps his clients reach their health and fitness goals. Getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle can be a trying process. Brad designs nutrition and fitness programs for individuals and groups to help make that process easier. His approach is to educate, encourage, and motivate the client. Those, along with his comprehensive approach to...
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SLC, Utah
25 yr veteran of the commercial fitness industry; spent mainly in Western US building personal training business models.  Various strength coaching positions for semi-pro soccer teams, adjunct professor for SLCC, international speaker, presentor and author. Specialties include NASM & CSCS protocol, functional training, fitness over 40, and random movie quotes.

Dai M. Facebook

Growing up as an obese teenager, I learned firsthand what its like to be “un-healthy”.  It’s not a place I enjoyed being and experiencing all the stigmas that come with being obese was traumatic.  At age 15 I made a decision to change my lifestyle.  And for 18 years, I haven’t looked back.  Fitness is, and always will be, a large part of my...
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