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rohan k.

dehradun, India


waterbury, Connecticut
My name is Lori and I reside in the Northeast. I was just diasgnosed with PKD September 8, 2009. I have to go to dialysis 3 times a week, and let's just say it's no fun! =( Although I do feel much better since being diasgnosed, I hate the diet restrictions, and they are constantly messing up my fistula in my arm, which in return is very painful for me. Hopefully by joining this site I could...

Rayne Mazur Patient Expert

Bellevue, Nebraska
My name is Rayne Mazur. I have had Crohn's disease since adolescence.  Along with the usual digestive problems, fistulas, skin rashes, aches and pains I have also experienced neurological damage, serious vitamin and iron deficiencies and have recently been diagnosed with a Hurthle cell mass on my Thyroid.  Life with Crohn's disease can be difficult and frustrating.  At times you...

Thrill Fitness .. Patient Expert

San Francisco, California
Communities: Exercise

Paula D.

Nags Head, North Carolina
The Queen of the Surf Pirates, mother to twins surf princesses who were born on Halloween Day 2006. A surfer extraordinaire, who thrills at dropping into a great wave and riding it to the as far as it will take me. I pay my bills by being a third grade teacher. When I can't surf I express myself as an artist, a singer of songs, a poet, a dancer of dances and writer of tales.
Communities: Skating/blading, Surfing

Julia K.

San Francisco, California
Recently located in the Bay Area, I am thrilled to dive into a healthy culture that really agrees with my mindset. Yoga, hiking, writing, and reading are some of my favorite activities. I also really enjoy learning new things, especially in regard to health and fun activities.
Communities: Exercise, Biking, Running , ...

Stancie Healthy Living Professional

San Francisco, California
Fig+Sage™ is a collaboration of two sisters who grew up on the Central Coast of California, who until adulthood were enemies until becoming allies and great friends. They're not hippies or tree-huggers (though nothing wrong with that) and won't ever claim to be perfect or purists. In fact one of them is trying to quit a bad paper towel habit and the other has probably used thousands of...
Communities: General Medicine

Coach Jenn

Sudbury, Massachusetts
I am fun, hard working, compassionate, energetic, positive, and very interested in helping others. I have an understanding that fitness is not all about the superficial but making people healthier, more confident, and positive. I am a proud mommy to two wonderful children and wife to an amazing husband. I have become a fitness guru of sorts through my personal experiences with weight loss....


Ider, Alabama
  I am someone who likes to live life to the fullest. I don't take the little things for granted. I am intellingent,Out Spoken,Blonde, caring and respectful of others. I am a good listener and easy to talk to. I am passionate about the things that mean the most to me. Want to know what excites me? -- well there are many things.. passion, thrills, adventure,Rain on a Tin Roof, sunny days,...

Jackson Heights Orthodontics Facebook

Jackson Heights, New York
Welcome to Jackson Heights Orthodontics - a pleasant orthodontic care center, located at Jackson Heights, the most ethnically diverse neighborhood in Queens, New York (NY). Committed to furnishing the finest personal service and highest possible standard of orthodontic treatment for our patients, Jackson Heights Orthodontics is a widely-acclaimed orthodontic facility for children...