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tdonohue Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook

Charlottesville, Virginia
Tom Donohue, thirty-three-year-old, son, brother and uncle of three, is the founder director of Who's Positive, a group of individuals infected, affected, sharing real stories about real people with a real commitment to humanizing HIV through firsthand accounts of young adults living with HIV. Since finding out about his own HIV-positive status in October 2003, Tom has dedicated his life to...

Barbara R.

I lost a total of 65 lbs. I have successfully kept off 45-50 of those lbs. My goal is to live a life where I don't have to always watch my weight.

myisha b.

norman, Oklahoma
I am a 31 year old mother of 3. Ages 12, 9, and 4. I have always struggled with my weight as long as I can remember. I am married now for 5 years and although I have a wonderful husband I need that extra encouragement that I will find in this site. I love to track my progress so this sight will help me greatly. My goal is to loose 50 lbs in the next 9 months

Vanny K.

Menlo Park, California
I am trying to loose my body fat 10 - 15 lbs. I exercise (running and weight training) at leaset 5 days a week. I don't follow any diet, but I try to eat more vegetables and fruits. Let see how long it will take me to achieve my goal.

Ann B.

Fremont, California
2009 Is the year to be more aware of health and weight


Miami, Florida
After neglecting my physical and emotional health for years, I was 41 years old at 420 lbs. I have lost 140 lbs and am still working on losing more. I have followed some diets, but mostly have done it through exercise and by eating smaller portions. The main problem for me is motivation, and so I keep trying to motivate myself to succeed and stay on track to lose weight. Some of my ideas...
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