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This blogger is the wife of the world's best hubby, mom to 6 kiddos (and 2 dogs), and gigi to 1 little princess (so far). I am passionate about feeding my family well. It is possible to eat a vegan diet based on whole foods that are gluten-free, free of processed sugars, and added salt. It can be done! Join us as we journey to that place ourselves!

Raw Kitty

I've been a vegetarian for 13 years, I've been tampering with Raw for about 6 months and I absolutely love it.  My body thrives on it so I know it's the best for you. I had a bad spraigne on my knee and stopped working out and gained 8 lbs. but I'm ready to get back in shape and get back into eating more raw foods.  I love cats, I'm married for the 2nd time to my ex husband...


Overland Park, Kansas
I am a lover of Christ, Children, Family and Dogs! What do I do for work FUN? Well, I am a Health Advocate/Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Writer, Wife and Mother all because of His love! If you are looking for me you will probably find me furthering my education in the Fitness and Nutritional field to stay up to date on everything from health, Fitness, Mind to anti-aging...


Tokyo, Japan
In Spring 2009, I had stage 1 cancer. In Oct 2009, there was N.E.D (no evidence of cancer). I am lucky to have caught this so early on and will fight to keep this at bay for as long as I live. Join me on a green-juicing, smoothie-making, mostly raw-food eating, sprint-triathalon-training journey to reclaim my life back.
Communities: Triathlon, Raw Food
Goals: Eat healthy


Dabbling in veganism, love biking, vegan baking, raw veggies, weird and smelly foods


Toronto, Canada
I'm the Raw Foods Witch & I help people live an enchanted life by eating more raw food. I spook the fears of raw food away so you can enjoy the magick!

Just Audrey

anonymous, Minnesota
I'm an eighteen-year-old girl, college student, hopeless romantic, and proud Catholic. I'm currently recovering from an eating disorder, dealing with some depression and anxiety stuff, and trying to find a healthy balance in my life. I love photography, writing, doing just about anything creative, making vegan food, enjoying nature, hanging out with my family, playing board games, watching old...