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United States
I'm a 37 year old Mom to four boys and two girls. My youngest son was born with Down Syndrome and the many medical issues that come along with it. My lil man has congenital heart disease, lung disease, GI problems. He's survived heart failure, open heart surgery, a diaphragmatic hernia that collapsed his lungs, and he is currently battling failure to thrive brought on by the toll it's all taken...
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Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Got Down Syndrome is a blog of a girl who has a brother with Down syndrome. She shares her findings, research about Down syndrome and life with someone who has Down syndrome. There is so much potential for individuals with Down syndrome and any research or great resources are posted on here. Everything from nutritional intervention, food allergies, speech therapy and everything else in between...
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United States
I am a Christian, a Wife, a Mother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a friend. I am so many things... the best of which is a wife and mother! I am married to the love of my life, Joe for 9 years. We have four beautiful children.. Josie, Katie, Owen and Jacob. My oldest is about to turn 5 and the youngest of 2. Josie was born with Down syndrome. We just returned from Ukraine adopting our last...
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Jay Hill

NWA, Arkansas
My wife, who is a practicing Pediatrician and I, a licensed Physical Therapist Asst., are the parents of five children. Our youngest was born on July 29, 2008 with Down syndrome. Our blog is the story of our transition into a new world and the many positive benefits of loving a child with Down syndrome.
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TeamDownSyndrome ..

San Mateo, California
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Lisa Patient Expert

United States
I am the mother of six children, the youngest of whom has Down syndrome. My blog chronicles our family's experience having a baby with Down syndrome from the day of his birth to the present day.
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Stockbridge, Michigan
I'm a SAHM of three kids. Actually, two are pretty much grown. There ages are 22, 19 and 7 years. Our 7 year old was born a child with Down syndrome. We have seen our share of health issues that coincide with Down syndrome. We have been through two heart surgeries and 26 months of chemotherapy due to leukemia. We are now dealing with some sort of a platelet disorder with our 7 year old. It's not...

Kris L.

United States
Hello, I am Kris, married to Tom for 32 years and mom to 8 wonderful kids; 4 adult men, a teen daughter and three young daughters who have the diagnosis of Down syndrome. Meghan, who was born to us, and our youngest two, who were adopted, Kara from Ukraine and Amanda from Estonia when they were both 3 years old. All three girls have different strengths and weaknesses, and all are very unique....
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WelcometoIllinois Patient Expert

United States
Welcome to Illinois is a blog about Down syndrome (or Down's syndrome if you're British like me). I am a husband, a father, and a writer and I live in West London. In March 2008 my wife and I found out that our second son, G, who was born in September 2008, has Downâ??s syndrome. Our first son, J, is two and half years older than his brother. For the time being I have decided to write this...
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