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My name is Sarah Biskobing. I am a certified and registered dietitian that specializes in eating disorder treatment. My blog is where I am sharing my nutritional thoughts, opinions and knowledge as it relates to your eating disorder. My goal is to challenge your eating disorder thinking in order to help you live a healthier lifestyle.
Communities: Eating Disorders

annhertel Patient ExpertHealth Maven

Somewhere, Tennessee
The bipolar disorder diagnosis at the age of 23 was a relief to know I was not simply a bad person and there was a reason for the way I have felt. Yet I have been struggling to cope and understand this disorder... what does it mean? How do the brain imbalances affect my behavior and moods? Why do I rapid cycle? Why do I get obsessive thoughts? Is there a link between mania and memory? Is there...

Spirited Lady Living Health MavenFacebook

Coeur d Alene, Idaho
I suffered from and eating disorder for many years. My intention now is to become an eating disorder recovery coach. Here is a short story of my journey. My ed started in about 4th or 5th grade after another one of our moves. I started spending all my allowance on candy and stashing it in my room. I also started playing sick from school so I could stay home and eat while everyone was gone....
Communities: Eating Disorders
Goals: Eat healthy


Live Oak, Texas
Hi, my name is Erica and I live in San Antonio, TX. This blog is a mixture of personal experience and advice/guidance on what I've learned through reading, doctors, forums, etc. Hope you enjoy yourself and stay well! I feel as if I am a cocktail of pain, never know which body part is going to hurt at any given time. Possible Disorders: Fibromyalgia, Reynaud's Syndrome, Chiari Malformation....


I am twenty two years old. I recently had to move back with my foster mom.  I lost my job a little less than  year ago and started to gain weight because I didn't do as much as I did.  I tried loosing weight once and I lost twenty pounds (almost to my goal).  I have been looking for a job and one thing I think employers look at are peoples body shape and how they look in...
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Goals: Lose weight


I am 39 years old. I have Bipolar Disorder and Interstitial Cystitis. The last couple of years have been very difficult for me. Learning about Bipolar Disorder has taken a lot out of me. I can't believe it's really me sometimes but I think maybe we all go through that. I'm a Christian and even though I'm not as devout as I would like to be I know my God is there and He loves me. Sometimes I...

Gabrielle L. Facebook

New Zealand
A kiwi girl who loves learning, interesting ideas and sharing those ideas with others. I'm in recovery for Anorexia Nervosa and working to regain my health, identity and ability to cope with life. I thrive on learning about anything and everything - this often poses a problem when thinking ahead to University Studies since I want to take every course! I started a Biomedical degree (bachelors)...
Communities: Eating Disorders


I joined your community because I think I might be married to a disguised narcissist. I was hoping you can help me figure it out. I knew there is something wrong with him and his family but I never considered NPD. When a US military base psychologist brought up the idea I looked up NPD on Wikipedia and I didn’t take it too seriously because he did not match the symptoms described. His...


Bakersfield, California
Struggle with anorexia nervosa (in the last few years), and disordered eating/eating disorders for the last 15+ years. Along with that comes all the co-morbid side effects and issues. Hence why I'm here... I am bilingual in French and English, 23 years old, and I am obsessed with reading, thinking, writing, and researching about psychology and nutrition.


Summerville, South Carolina
Hi, my name is Sandra. I live in Summerville, SC, USA. I'm 63, divorced & mother of two sons. I live alone (with my cats) in a split home with my oldest son. We still have our privacy, but it is nice to have him near. My youngest son also lives nearby.  I have two grandchildren, an 18 year old young lady and a 10 year old grandson.    I was about 50 when my...