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Coach Jenn Facebook

United States
I am fun, hard working, compassionate, energetic, positive, and very interested in helping others. I have an understanding that fitness is not all about the superficial but making people healthier, more confident, and positive. I am a proud mommy to two wonderful children and wife to an amazing husband. I have become a fitness guru of sorts through my personal experiences with weight loss....
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United States
I'm a 20 something year old. I work in News as a Producer but I don't usually blog anything about news or my work. I love food. I'm trying to find a healthy eating pathway while trying to stay motivated in working out! I am the mom of two little dogs that I love to death. My boyfriend and I also just moved in together so you will read about the next journey of our lives together!
Communities: Healthy Living

Melanie W.

Hi! My name is Melanie Webber and I am currently a dietetic intern, on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian. "Healthy living" to me is so much more than eating healthy and exercising. I believe these are huge components to a healthy life, but I also believe having a positive self-image and a purpose in life are just as important- if not more. Unfortunately, our society has placed...
Communities: Healthy Living

Brian, the old man

Jasper, Georgia
Hi. I’m Brian, the old man. They call me the old man not because I’m that old, but because I usually spend all my time with a younger crowd. I am 50, divorced, and have two wonderful children, a son and a daughter. I live on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I have BBA degree from Georgia State University. I currently write a column for The Pickens County...
Communities: Walk-a-thon, Exercise, Biking , ...
Goals: Lose weight

Hannah Ubl

Brisbane, Australia
I was born in Victoria, Australia, though have lived in Queensland for most of my life.. in the warm sunshine near the beach. I'm now based in Melbourne, where I model and enjoy city life. I have been gathering experience and working in the modeling industry for about 4 years. It started when I was in Fashion college in Australia, and a tug of war between modeling work and my TAFE work was...
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Renton, Washington
Hi my name is Karin and I'm a fitness junkie.  I love writing, reading, and sharing stories about dieting tips and healthy living.  I write tips on my blog at as well as a freelancer on health topics. 

Marissa V.

United States
I am a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Founder of Marissa's Well-being and Health (MWAH!), a New York-based holistic health and wellness practice focused on creating customized programs for urban professionals who want to live healthier, happier, more balanced lives without dieting and calorie counting. Having learned how to successfully balance well-being and health while working in the...
Communities: Healthy Living

Michele W. Patient Expert

Bernville, Pennsylvania
I'm a wife, mother,and grandmother, who is trusting daily in God's Word that He will strengthen me to rise above life's difficulties. I live with multiple chronic illnesses. The Lord has been teaching me to Live Simply, Laugh Often, and to Love Deeply. I hope to encourage, uplift, and at times amuse. I will share my heart and life openly, praying that the Lord will use His Words and mine to...