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Spirited Lady Living Health MavenFacebook

Coeur d Alene, Idaho
I suffered from and eating disorder for many years. My intention now is to become an eating disorder recovery coach. Here is a short story of my journey. My ed started in about 4th or 5th grade after another one of our moves. I started spending all my allowance on candy and stashing it in my room. I also started playing sick from school so I could stay home and eat while everyone was gone....
Communities: Eating Disorders
Goals: Eat healthy


Whitianga, New Zealand
My Story   I was taken to hospital mid December 2007 aged 45 due to having a grand mal seizure or fit. CT scan confirmed our fears of a brain tumour, 2.5 cm in the left parietal lobe.   I had previously experienced a few discreet episodes of having difficulty talking and reading and the tumour was located in the part of my brain used for language.  The tumour was on the...
Communities: Cancer

Lana B. Facebook

When contemplating about writing an “about me” section that would talk about my diagnoses and the effect that they have had on my life. Every time I start to type, I am not sure what it is that I want to say. I just know that what I have to say has to have a profound effect on those reading the words and having all the same questions that I have had for some many years and even the...

Cecil M. Health Maven

Hi, my name is Cecil McIntosh, I was very successful in business but unhappy with myself and my personal life. I was divorced and bankrupt. This was my wakeup call that led me to seek help from an NLP practitioner to find better ways to reduce the stress in my life. Over the last 14 years I have been guiding entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and baby boomers worldwide because I have...
Communities: Stress Management


San antonio, Texas
I'm 43, married and have 3 dogs.  I am soft bipolar and have degenerative disc disease. I was diagnosed with both of these illnesses around the year 2009. Because of my back pain I have not been able to work, this year 2010 I have been feeling better with the help of Bikram Yoga and Shiatsu Massage Therapy. I am no longer in denial and taking control of my life and moving forward. It has...
Communities: Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder
Goals: Lose weight


I have had systemic lupus for 38 years.  I guess the big thing that kept me going was family and a lot of living in denial.  Aches & pains I chalk up to "getting older".  Granted my kidney transplant in 1989, in which my DAD gave me one of his kidneys has helped to keep the lupus in remission, but as i am sure all know, transplant have "issues" of...


huntsville, Alabama
Hello, I am Reesa and I am fat. I was in denial for a while not thinking I was that fat but, one I went to buy a dress for a wedding came to realized I was size 16 and I was shocked. When did I scaled the wall and became this size? I was always a 6 to 8 and now I really don't recognize myself. My problem is, I have a love affair with food. I see food as my friend, my companys, someone...

thomas h.

new york, New York
family law has,in some people’s perceptions,come to be equated with ‘divorce law.’You tell people that you are pursuing this specialty,and they immediately conclude that you are studying to be a divorce lawyer!But is the ‘law of family’ all about divorce?Well,the answer,according to practitioners in this field, is a resounding no.While there is no denying that...


Hello everyone my name is Nicole aka goodnplenty! I never thought that I would be on a site like this but here I am, I finally came to realize after being in denial for about three months that im am getting fat! reality check #1. So I bought a WII system it came with WII Fit Plus,I heard that it was a great way to get started working out so, I followed all the instructions and completed...