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Dave M. Healthy Living Professional

Charleston, South Carolina
I am an ex-bicycle framebuilder, now a writer with a published novel called Prodigal Child. Originally from England, I emigrated to the US in 1979. I worked for Vic and Mike Fraysse in Ridgfield Park, NJ and built frames under their Paris Sport name. I later moved to Southern California and worked for Masi Bicycles In 1983 I opened my own Frameshop in San Marcos, CA (San Diego County.) and built...
Communities: Exercise, Biking

Dr. James A Devine, Seattle Chiropractor

seattle, Washington
I have practicing chiropractic in downtown Seattle for 20 years.  I "walk the walk” when it comes to giving nutritional and exercise advice and have recently completed training to become a certified nutritional counselor.  My “whole body” approach to healthcare includes supporting my patients’ health and fitness concerns and integrating exercise,...


Hobbs, New Mexico
I like self-help books/ Especially those that have information of Diet/Exercise/Nutrition. I try to read as much as possible about this. I also like playing guitar, ridding the bicycle, playing Lesie Sansone Walking tapes(THIS I do at least five days a week, six when I can). I lift weights, do yoga and pilates-In fact the gym teacher once remarked that I appear to be very flexible despite my...
Communities: Dance, Exercise, Biking , ...

Donna W. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven

Goffstown, New Hampshire
Certified as a Personal Trainer by the NSCA since 1999. Love to work with people who need help in losing weight and learning how to exercise. I was a 'weekend warrior' for 15 years out of college and in the insurance industry and I was getting fat! So I took myself out of that situation and lost weight and became fit and wanted to do the same for others. I've always been active with hiking,...

Sybille K.

Menlo Park, California
I read a lot, ride my bicycle to work, around town and in flattish nature, love walks and not too long hikes, my 2 daughters and my 2 cats. Am Dutch originally and am fluent in Dutch, German, English and not too bad in French; further some smidgens of other languages.
Communities: Dance, Exercise, Biking , ...

Margaret P.

I am traveling in a camper with my husband full time. We are retired and have gone across the country but now travel mainly on the East Coast. We have 7 grandchildren that we love to visit. I joined Wellsphere in hopes of finding walking trails & bicycling paths for exercise.
Communities: Biking, Swimming, Walking , ...

Jeremy S.

San Francisco, California
I'm a squash enthusiast! I also love long-distance bicycling (the further the better!), hiking, kayaking, and outdoor street fairs!

eatspinlive Health Maven

Wichita Falls, Texas
  Hi, I’m Amanda! Welcome to Eat, Spin, Live! I am a 22 year old girl living in Texas with a passion for nutrition, healthy eating, staying active, and living life to the fullest! I just graduated from college with by Bachelors of Science in Psychology and am currently working towards my Masters in General Counseling! I love helping people in any way that I possibly can...
Communities: Dance, Triathlon, Exercise , ...


United Kingdom
Hello..I am a 30 something..just! Ahem! lol Writer and Food Writer. I aspire to one day publishing a cook book and until then I work very hard on my food blog. I am a life long vegetarian but changed over to vegan 5 years ago and..No..I am not here to recruit or brain wash. lol. It's just part of me.  I am happily married to a very lovely person but have found myself childless....
Communities: Chronic Illness, Dance, Exercise , ...

fitnesshealthandfood Health Maven

Hi there! I'm Jenny, a Personal Trainer, Line Cook, and Health Educator turned Healthy Living Blogger and Writer. I created by blog 'Fitness Health and Food' as a way to share my professional knowledge and personal experiences to help inspire others to become their happiest and healthiest selves.  Feel free to ask me any and all questions and stop by to...