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tdonohue Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook

Charlottesville, Virginia
Tom Donohue, thirty-three-year-old, son, brother and uncle of three, is the founder director of Who's Positive, a group of individuals infected, affected, sharing real stories about real people with a real commitment to humanizing HIV through firsthand accounts of young adults living with HIV. Since finding out about his own HIV-positive status in October 2003, Tom has dedicated his life to...

Ralph R.

woodside, California
Hi, I'm returning to Stanford after a long absence. In September, I started as the Director of Marketing at the Stanford GSB, having left the GSB with my MBA in 1981. Since business school I have primarily worked in Silicon Valley marketing but spent three years as the Director of Marketing at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum. Primary fitness activities: cardio/strength training, mountain...

Teleosis Institute Health Impact Award

Berkeley, California
Our Mission The Teleosis Institute is devoted to developing effective, sustainable health care provided by professionals who serve as environmental health stewards. Our Vision Teleosis is dedicated to reducing healthcare's footprint while broadening its ecological vision. We believe in a health care system that conserves natural resources, promotes personal wellness, and begins with...
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Chander, Arizona
I have had epilepsy almost my whole life. First from a high fever-febrile seizure. About a year later, came back back in the 70's fewer options, especially small town in MI. So Phenobarbital was the answer. My whole childhood had atypical absence seizures-felt them coming on. They took a brief turn in my teens (hormones) And with stress after I got married 1st time-they started to...
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If you are a resident of Toronto and the victim of the neglect of person and are wound, then you can hire a good personal injury lawyer Toronto . This personal injury lawyer will help you get decent compensation for the injuries suffered through reimbursement of medical accounts. You can also make compensation for the absence from work as well as for the bad injury you had to undergo. Only for...

nmerrill Patient Expert

Syosset, New York
My name is Nina Merrill and I am a senior at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY. I started interning with the Communications Department at the Organic Trade Assocition (OTA) last summer, an experience so rewarding that I have continued though I am back at school full time. In an effort to create a space for college students to discuss the huge national movement on university campuses to...
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As a fitness trainer and wellness consultant, I thought I had healthy living all figured out. Recently I experienced a shift in perspective about my health. I have recognized that my approach to healthy living isn't holistic. I've also realized that good health isn't just about the absence of disease. Now I'm on a quest to learn how to incorporate the mind and spirit along with the body into my...

Sukie B.

Health is much more than the absence of pain and dis-ease in the body. Health is living life in a body that is free to do anything that you choose; it's living a life that is in alignment with your deepest dreams and greatest desires. Physical well being is the first step in creating a life that is richer than you could possibly imagine, full of vitality, adventure and joy. Find the tools you...
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Beyond Vitality Facebook

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Sara has always been a food enthusiast and athlete. Even as a child, she used to tell her mother to pack healthier lunches so that she could have energy for all her after school activities! She was always aware of the foods the people surrounding her were eating. She sure would voice her opinion if she didn’t agree with the food they chose to eat.  Sara herself suffered through...


United States
I'm a 37 year old Mom to four boys and two girls. My youngest son was born with Down Syndrome and the many medical issues that come along with it. My lil man has congenital heart disease, lung disease, GI problems. He's survived heart failure, open heart surgery, a diaphragmatic hernia that collapsed his lungs, and he is currently battling failure to thrive brought on by the toll it's all taken...
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