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Dr. R. Ravindranath Health Maven

Dr.R.Ravindranath M.D. is a Diabetes & Cardiac Care consultant practicing in the city of Chennai, India for over 30 years.
Communities: Diabetes Type 2

Yoga D.

Washington, District of Columbia
Born around 1910 and abandoned to a band of roaming exiled bohemian intellectuals, opium addicts, Victorian harlots and other sordid hanger ons, YogaDawg began his Yoga journey by hearing drunken, debouched debates on the great Occult texts of the day. In the process of being immersed at an early age to these classics, along with the decadent literature and boogie-woogie of the time, YogaDawg...


Newark, California
Born and raised in India, Mony Singh was exposed to an array of life-changing conditions and experiences at an early age. His father, also a writer, received three gold medals in literature during his lifetime and his mother was a school Principal. Being no stranger to writing and education, his life-long devotion to self-discovery and self-improvement began at age nine when a local newspaper...


delhi, India
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Communities: Bipolar Disorder


purulia, India
basically i am a steel photographer from my very early age,i achives so many honours and awards from national and international,awarded by the president of india1976organised by CSI,honoured ARTIST lalit kala aadami newdelhi india,national award 2004,subject life and water.up to nov.2009i was so happy and healthy in both mentally and a bike exident my doughter lost her husband she...

Donna T. Facebook

Sunnyvale, California
Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world, as it is an eternal religion.   The mother of all languages of the world is Sanskrit, an eternal and Divine language that has never changed or evolved a bit over the past millions of years because it is already perfect.  My favorite book:  The True History and the Religion of India, by His Divinity Shree Swami...


Govind Ram, Liver Transplant Consultant of India Support Group. "IN LOVING MEMORY OF OUR DAD" (This Support Group is dedicated to our beloved father  Sh. Govind Ram) Sh. Govind Ram  Govind Ram, Liver Transplant Consultant of India Support Group gives you all the details of the most important organ of the body Liver and its...

Health Tourism India

Medical Tourism India – Heal Wheel India - is a medical tourism facilitator Provides Best Indian Doctors, hospitals in India, Treatment Tours for Plastic Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Obesity Surgery and Cosmetic Surgeries in India.
Communities: Dental Health

india employment

India Employment Portal India Employment Portal is Blog where all Indian Companies, Organizations, govt vacancies notifications/careers are avilable   India Employment Portal, India Employment, India Jobs, India Vacancies, India Noukri, India Current Vacancy, India Govt Vacancies, India Notifications, India Opportuntities, India Current Vacancies, India Recruitments, India...
Communities: Exercise