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Doris C. Complimentary & Alternative Medicine

Passionate. New mum. Hails from tropical Singapore. Warm. Cool. Outgoing. Outspoken. WYSIWYG. Natural Health. Loves Travel. Foodie Hunter. Organic Follower. Health Nut. Intense. Determined. Shopaholic. Loves Life. Made of Fine Chocolate. Spontaneous. Can't live without LOVE. 30 Forever... years ago, I did a 7 day detoxification program after hearing some cool testimonies from a couple of close...

Mary P.

Toronto, Canada
I found health and wellness almost two years ago through something I loved eating anyway, just wasn't eating the right kind......chocolate.  I had gained an incredible amount of weight, was unhappy in my job and where I lived, I was watching my body start down the same path my mother's had at my age with arthritis, and was just basically unhappy in life. It didn't help that I was an...

Alex Ong -

Villa Park, Illinois
Tragedy Turns Ex-Fatty Boy/ Fatty into Bruce Lee of Wellness - Beginning at age six, 'Fatty Boy' was my nickname. As I grew older, my nickname was changed to Fatty. How fun was it to be called a Fatty? I didn't care much, but I do not recall loving it. Although I was very cheerful by nature, consciously and subconsciously, I hated being fat, especially when it came to changing my clothes....

Jan R. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven

San Diego, California
Hi. I am Jan Rasmusen, author, lecturer, newsletter writer, and dog health and safety advocate. I have appeared on radio and television many times advocating for dogs. After my dog Jiggy was diagnosed with life-threatening immune-mediated hepatitis, I began what is now almost five years of research and interviews with dozens of our most innovative veterinarians and other experts. I am not a...
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United States
Communities: Eye Health, Dance, Exercise , ...

Sarah M.

United States
I love Integrative health, natural foods, vegetables, and dessert. I believe in nourishing our bodies, souls, and communities through what we eat. I spend my time in the Bay Area as a student of communication, a writer, and a nutrition crusader. The Chocolate Fig is my weekly health journal, an archive of delicious vegetarian meals and nutritious desserts that fuel my active lifestyle. Among...


United States
Six years ago, I weighed 120 pounds. Now, I weigh 127 pounds. Yet, I can confidently say that I have "lost weight." As a child, my diet consisted of McDonalds and Burger King. Living in Flushing, NY with my dad, fast-food built the base of my "city" diet. After moving to Fairfax, VA, my diet improved in that I ate more real, home-made food. However, I still ate a lot, almost...
Communities: Healthy Living

felix murphy

Obesity is a health problem for humans as well as their pets.  The medical world has advanced over the years, giving you the  best health options in history. The question is whether your  dog enjoys the same health benefits you enjoy. 

Armanda Famiglietti, LMT

As founder of Well Now Therapeutic Massage, I want to share the immediate and long-term positive health benefits of massage with my clients. Massage isn't a luxury, its as beneficial to a person's wellbeing as a nutritious diet or regular exercise and should be part of our commitment to our own health and vitality.
Communities: Massage/Spa