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Pam T. Patient ExpertHealth Maven

Cave Creek, Arizona
Purpose purveyor, change catalyst, accountable agent, mover and shaker maker - a.k.a, Certified Life and Corporate Coach, Author, and Public Speaker. When you have time, please visit:,,,

Yoga D.

Washington, District of Columbia
Born around 1910 and abandoned to a band of roaming exiled bohemian intellectuals, opium addicts, Victorian harlots and other sordid hanger ons, YogaDawg began his Yoga journey by hearing drunken, debouched debates on the great Occult texts of the day. In the process of being immersed at an early age to these classics, along with the decadent literature and boogie-woogie of the time, YogaDawg...


United States
My passion is eating THE most nutrient-dense diet possible, combatting dietary-fat-phobia, and encouraging everyone to return to Real Food! CaveGirlEats distills the science & displays the practical applications of the Paleo-Primal-Real Food lifestyle, always with a hefty dose of sarcasm. Thanks for stopping by!
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Etosha C.


Dino Cave K. Facebook

Omaha, Nebraska


United States
Hi, I'm Michelle, a former fat girl. I'm also a food addict. I've lost 90 lbs since September 2008 following a clean eating diet. I have added exercise and training for a triathlon (July 12, 2009) and half-marathon (August 2, 2009) to shed the final 40 lbs and to get rid of some jiggly parts :) Some people think losing 90 lbs means I've been "cured". That is far from the truth. I...
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Pilates Bodywork

Cave Creek, Arizona
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United States

norman c.

sutton, United Kingdom
Communities: Cancer