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Pensacola, Florida
My name is Kasie. It started when I was 12 years old and in 7th grade. I developed a large goiter on my lower neck. After many tests that came out suspisious I went in to surgery early morning of July 2005. It lasted 6 hours. I had my whole thyroid, 4 lymphoids, and 9 nodules removed all consisting of cancer cells and tumors. I?ll never forget that night when the nurse was wheeling me in to my...
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Dr. Vic Shayne, PhD

Boulder, Colorado
For the last 20 years I have been involved in nutritional research, both personally and professionally. I've written several books on the importance of foods and how their nutrients differ from isolates found in vitamin pills. Health is not something we can take for granted. We have to continually research into the causes in order to find the most natural solutions.

Caryn T. Facebook

West Chicago, Illinois
My heart has carried this deep desire to be part of a special club for kids suffering from food allergies ever since my oldest child was diagnosed in 2007 with a chronic multifocal tic disorder and eventually celiac disease. After a food allergy test revealed the need to eliminated 15 foods from his diet I became completely overwhelmed with our situation. At that time I knew very little about...


Caracas, Venezuela
I have been an alcoholic for over 20 years and have recently been released from rehab after choosing to go on my own because my drinking was ruining my life...I´ve been sober in the sense of not having had a drink for exactly 60 days today but cannot help feeling lonely, anxious, and isolated from my surroundings in a way I cannot pinpoint...I've been taking medications to make me less...
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Jan R. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven

San Diego, California
Hi. I am Jan Rasmusen, author, lecturer, newsletter writer, and dog health and safety advocate. I have appeared on radio and television many times advocating for dogs. After my dog Jiggy was diagnosed with life-threatening immune-mediated hepatitis, I began what is now almost five years of research and interviews with dozens of our most innovative veterinarians and other experts. I am not a...
Communities: General Medicine

Linda F.

Mooresville, Indiana
Hi! The focus of my life right now is to be the very best supporter I can be to my husband, Steve. He is diagnosed with PTSD and Bipolar I. Currently, he has left our marital home and is struggling with episodes all alone. While my heart is breaking for him, the only thing I can do right now is pray for God's intervention. I also pray for a way to communicate with my husband as he no longer has...


United States
Mia Hysteria shares her inspirational, humorous and sometimes heartwrenching journey of raising 3 young children, one with special needs, while managing a life of chaos in her blog, General Hysteria. She is a mother, wife, blogger, practicing writer. Candid about her life's experiences currently and pre-insanity-brought-about-by-children, Mia's writings will leave you shocked, laughing,...

Rayne Mazur Patient Expert

Bellevue, Nebraska
My name is Rayne Mazur. I have had Crohn's disease since adolescence.  Along with the usual digestive problems, fistulas, skin rashes, aches and pains I have also experienced neurological damage, serious vitamin and iron deficiencies and have recently been diagnosed with a Hurthle cell mass on my Thyroid.  Life with Crohn's disease can be difficult and frustrating.  At times you...

Dorothy B. Facebook

Surrey, Canada
Hi everybody.  I'm Dorothy and the grumpy cat is Bob.  I have always felt that my moods, and emotions were different from other peoples' in  that they were more intense, and lasted longer.  As a teen, I was thought of as lazy by my family because I would isolate myself, not help around the house or participtate in family events.  I alway had my nose in a book. I wasn't...


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