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Animal and Plant Health

The Web site of The US Department of Agriculture: Animal and Plant Health. (  The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is a multi-faceted Agency with a broad mission area that includes protecting and promoting U.S. agricultural health, regulating genetically engineered organisms, administering the Animal Welfare Act and carrying out wildlife...


United States
I am a mother of two kids and a wife to one! I want my kids to have everything I can possibly give. I want to give them the best care and protection for my children, from the top of my child's head to the soles of my child's feet. I am also an engineer by profession. I took up Bachelor of Science in Engineering major in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Itâ??s now 8 years that...
Communities: Pregnancy & Fertility

Cambria C.

Dreamerz is the safe and enjoyable way to get a restful night's sleep without unpleasant after-effects. People have long trusted milk to soothe them into sleep. Dreamerz adds a patented low dose (0.3 mg) of melatonin, our body's natural sleep regulating hormone, and Lactium, a milk based protein that promotes relaxation. This unique combination helps maintain a healthy sleep cycle, naturally...

Dina E.

New york, New York
Writer/editor by trade. Trying to bring my life back into balance so that work hours and stress are regulated, mind/body/spirit nourished, recreation/hobbies are a regular part of my life, and my health looked after. Mother to a very intelligent & playful female Somali named "Phoebe" and a demanding albino frog named "Moon". Interests: soccer, film, music, sewing, yoga,...

Nestor L. Doctor of Philosophy

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I'm a clinical child psychologist and neuroscience researcher working at a large Midwest university-based child psychiatric institute. I received my Ph.D. from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. I conduct studies on affect regulation and mood disorders in children and adolescents. I'm also the founder of the Translating Research Project, a series of informational blogs designed to rapidly...

Roni Zarbiv, LCSW

Morristown, New Jersey
Individual and Family Psychotherapy. Parenting and Adolescence Issues, Parental Skills Development, Anxiety and Depression Regulation, Relaxation and Stress Management. Treatment for Chemical Dependency, Motivational Approach to Sobriety and Recovery Maintenance. Individualized Relapse Prevention Planning. Specialized care for Developmental Disabilities. EMDR Therapy, Dual Recovery Workshops,...

Karon S. Facebook

I live with my two sons and husband in the high desert near Victorville, CA.  I am 50 years old and feel like I'm going on 80 too many days.  A head-on collision years back left my low back (L5-S1) and neck (C3 and 4) pretty tentatively operational; most days my pain level is a regular 4 or 5 and it gets to an 8 or 9 a few times a week, rendering me useless, my un-favorite place to...
Goals: Quit smoking


I am healthcare professional with qualifications in medicine, nutrition and physical therapy. I am chartered and certified with the major UK health authority registers and I currently work for the NHS at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, England. I am currently studying for a conversion for my degree to include certification in sports therapy. and this combines my...

John S. Facebook

John Sten is a journalist and Web content specialist with 17 years' experience covering a range of health topics, from breaking health news and fitness to travel health issues and FDA regulation of drugs, medical devices and food. He is writing health news column on HuffingtonPost. a Moving Health Crew fitness.Before that he worked at for three years and...


Going to list some basic things that I think might let you know who I am and how I act. My name is Justine. I just gained a certificate in college and became a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). I wanted to move on and get a job and start feeling like I was doing something with my life. In September, I moved to the city from a small country town in KS. I was starting to feel depressed,...