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Caitlin L. Patient ExpertHealth Maven

San Luis Obispo, California
A Graduate Student in Nutrition trying to sort through the media mess. For more on my food philosophy, read my first post, "First Course".

Bill W. Health Maven

Palm Beach County, Florida
Hi, My name is Bill. I?m an alcoholic, addict and codependent. My sobriety date is September 14th, 1989. I've been writing about recovery in a variety of places for some years. A couple of years ago I started a blog related to Buddhism, and incorporated a bunch of articles and essays that I'd written about addiction as sort of a sideline. Those pages have gotten a bunch of hits, and a couple...

Michelle A.

Fairfield, Connecticut
I am actively exploring information about a vegan lifestyle, probably leaning towards a raw food mindset as well.  By this I mean that I do not want to eat those processed type of vegan foods, and want to try to eat foods as close to their natural form as possible! I am soon to be a Registered Nurse, enjoy running and all sorts of outdoor activities, and love any sort of...


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My name is Michelle. I love all of the lovely things in life. And the lovely things in life love me too, I suppose. Or one would assume, since I’ve been fortunate to experience many lovely things. However, life wasn’t always so lovely. When I look back at my teenage years, I could use the word “angst”, just as easily as an Stephen Chobsky, or a Haulden...


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Tummyblogger Health Maven

San Francisco, California
Tummyblogger is, of course, a pseudonym. Under my own name, I am a retired counseling/clinical psychologist, with additional experience in health policy analysis. This journal began as a diary of sorts of what I do (rather than the gritty details of what I experience) in day-to-day living. The diet changes for IBS are new to me, and I am still experimenting. I live alone, so I do not cook...
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