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On The Borderline

New Hampshire
On The Borderline is a non-profit organization founded in January of 2009. Our mission is to educate and spread awareness about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). We hope to be a support system for people who have BPD as well as their friends and family. We want to provide you with the resources that you need in order to cope with this difficult illness.

Kevin B. Facebook

Newcastle, United Kingdom
i mainly talk about BPD but i also have loads of other tihngs i like like SEO and computer related subjects  i have blog at my mental health and bpd at  
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Judy B

I have borderline personality disorder and the spin -offs of major depression and anxiety that go with it. Despite this I have a daughter and a husband who give me a reason to keep going when things get tough. I am determined to improve my quality of life. I also try to advocate for myself to get treatment for BPD which is very difficult where I live. I try to keep myself busy with crafts...
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Stacy Anderson

I'm a 30 something west coast stay at home Mom.  My husband and I have been married for about 10 years and have 2 children 5 & 8 yrs old. I've struggled with depression for the majority of my life.  The past few years have been especially difficult with the stresses of postpartum depression and caring for our children.  Beyond the usual sypmtoms of depression, my...
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I am a female dianosed with PTSD, Fibro, depression and B.P.D., Plus I am in recovery from Alcoholism, I also am half blind. Yet, it is a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

Christos P. Facebook

Caerdydd, United Kingdom
Suffers from hypertension, hypothyroidism, depression, bpd, walking problems, and basically just suffering, fullstop. Just given up coffee :(
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Southampton, United Kingdom
My name is Tash. And personality disorders are what make me, well... me. I have been suffering with at least one type of illness my whole life it seems, only to bounce to another and then back again. I've only just started recognising these disorders and have so far only been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Although I know that I have all the signs of manic depression/bipolar...