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karen s.

richmond, Indiana
 I have become vegan since july 2008,not for my health but because of the cruelty to the animals.  The health benifits of being vegan is a plus....   It is hard to be a vegan, not because of deprivations but because there is so much animal by-products hidden in food, that is what makes it hard and watching 0ut for bad ingredients like High Frutose Corn Syrups and MSG...


Los Angeles, California
Where to start. I love boating, running and any physical activity as long as I'm outside. I'm a single mother and want to do the best thing possible for my kids. I'm kicking a bad Diet Soda addiction (6 per day) for the last 20 years.


I have been maintaining a weight of 150 to 165. After much research, and various BMI calculators, i have come to rest on the idea of weighing about 135 as that is nowhere near the low end of the calculators (90 lbs. are you kidding me?) and not all the way at the high end either.  My major banes are lare night suppers, as my work shift is noon to nine pm, and i have an hour drive to...


i,m a man trying to make his life better, to correct wrong decisions made, and turn the sands of time backwards to the point of when i was healthy and in great physical shape. Through the years as with most people, i have suffered from physical pain and also mental pain as well. but not i have reconciled all these negativities and i,m trying to lose at least 100 lbs and quit smoking as well. i...