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Wendi Patient Expert

Chicago Suburbs, Illinois
Although my hearing loss doesn't define me, it has definitely affected me!  I grew up with a bilateral hearing loss that was discovered when I was 4 years old.  I wore a hearing aid and was mainstreamed in school.  It's never been determined what caused my hearing loss, but I suspect it's genetic. In 1993, I lost all the remaining hearing in my right ear (for unknown...

Lone Star Family

Dallas, Texas
Our son Kemper was born profoundly deaf due to a flawed Connexin 26 gene. In January of 2010 he received bilateral cochlear implants at the age of 9 months. We enjoy hearing about and talking to others that have taken the cochlear implant journey.

Valerie D. Patient Expert

clarksville, Tennessee
I am a bilateral cochlear implant user. This is my journey.

Cyborg Queen Patient Expert

Las Vegas, Nevada
I'm known as Cyborg Queen. I have bilateral cochlear implants. I had surgery done in my left in January of 2008, I loved it so much that I had to get my right done in May 2008. Nothing was sweeter than the day that I finally heard crickets after 30 years of asking what does crickets sound like.

Heather .. Patient Expert

Cincinnati, Ohio
I write a blog about the journey we're on raising our deaf toddler, Ethan. He has bilateral cochlear implants and hears fairly well with them, yet he is also apraxic and noverbal, so we are using sign language to communicate despite the fact that he hears. He was born with cytomegalovirus, which has left it's imprint on his life in many ways. We're busy going to PT, OT, speech, an allergist, a...
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United States
I have four children and a fifth on the way. We have gone through preterm labor, premature birth and resulting NICU stays, and have a son who is profoundly deaf. He received bilateral cochlear implants at eight months of age. Follow his progress as he learns to listen!
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Kelly S.

Saint Peters, Missouri
A dual citizen of the US and Canada, I moved here to the US in 2003 to be with my husband, John. Together, we have two boys, Eric (born in 2006) and Danny (born in 2008). Danny was a month early and was diagnosed shortly after birth with congenital CMV. After spending 2 months in the hospital receiving anti-viral treatment, he came home and we began our life as a family with a special needs...

Drew's Dad . Patient Expert

Columbus, Ohio
I am the father of Drew, a boy who was born profoundly deaf in both ears. He received simultaneous, bilateral cochlear implants at 8 months of age in September 2007. Our blog is our record of our family's immersion and interaction within the world of deafness. We hope that it helps others find the information and guidance that they might be looking for.
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Tammy K. Patient Expert

Columbus, Ohio
Stay at home mother to three kids, a teenager, a ten year old, and a preschooler, who all keep me constantly on the go. My youngest was born profoundly deaf and wears bilateral cochlear implants to hear. This journey is truly SIMPLY.AMAZING.

Lily's Dad Patient Expert

United States
Our daughter Lily Bliss was born in June 2007 with profound hearing loss. At 10 months old, she became one of the youngest in Nebraska to receive bilateral cochlear implants. This blog is the story of our hearing journey and the proof that Life really is Bliss.