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3D Coach

Wallkill, New York
I am a certified Biblical health coach, but my clients call me their "3D Living Coach." I am also an author and blogger specializing in health issues. My book, Today's the Day Seven Week Fitness Plan is expanded and updated and available as an e-book, in Kindle version and print! I have been married to my husband, Alex, for 30 years and I am the proud mom of three exceptional...
Communities: Healthy Living

Sherri W. Patient ExpertHealth Maven

Medford, Oregon
Crazy. Sincere. Full of joy. Loves to sing. Takes wrong turns. Never asks for directions. Never reads directions. Learns by mistakes. Shares life experiences with others. Encourages broken hearts, offers water to the thirsty. Known to laugh at the wrong times. Thankful. Honesty is a priority. Vulnerable. Told I'm overly sensitive. Reminded I wear my heart on my sleeve. Think too much. Passion...

Dr Jeannie Naturopathic DoctorHealth Maven

Cottonwood, California
Veterinary Naturopath, Animal Nutrition & Natural Animal Care Consultant/Educator With 30 years of practical experience with animal health, she has worked with animals holistically since 1984. Having been a licensed Veterinary Technician and later graduating from Kingdom College of Natural Health with her doctorate in veterinary naturopathy, she is qualified and adept at consulting and...

Pharmacy God .. Healthy Living Professional

E of the Mississippi, Pennsylvania
I am Pharmacy God. I have over 15 years of experience in retail pharmacy. It's not fun. The posts that you will read are a method of therapy for myself (and other retail pharmacists). Not everything will be related to health issues. The football posts are for my personal mental health. If I go political, it's for the health of the United States. I live in the Eastern United States. The...
Communities: General Medicine


Author Brenda E. Floyd is a vivacious woman who by profession is a retired Special Education teacher of the Norfolk Virginia Public School System. She is an inspirational speaker, gospel singer, and a devoted wife, mother and grandmother. Brenda and her husband, Walter of 29 years reside in Norfolk Virginia. She has 3 wonderful   children and 6 beautiful grandchildren. Brenda has the...


lagos, Nigeria
i am God fearing someone and i believe in awesome power of God mighty
Communities: Exercise


Uttarakhand, India
Vijay Kumar started in search of God 13 years of age. It was in 1993 he was graced with vision of God Almighty. Since then hidden truths of all Scriptures of all religions of the world have become like ABC. Providing Free Spiritual Counseling to world community through internet websites and Subscribe free Newsletter "Spiritual Secrets...


‘hearing God’ is all about sharing experiences, because the book of our lives can help others in uncharted territory in life.  The spiritual realm is avoided at all costs in mainstream christianity, so as God calls out the remnant, there is an abundance of forfeited inheritances that are passed out to faithful stewards.   So where do you go?  You can’t share...


United States


Caroline Gavin is a Christian Life Coach, Speaker, Author of Purposeful Pathway: Your Journey with Jesus and host of Purposeful Pathway Radio . As a Life Coach and the Founder of Purposeful Pathway, she helps others discern their vocational paths, live with purpose and align with God’s Way. The result of coaching is God-centered transformation. Caroline offers a variety of Christian...