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Maryann Patient Expert

Salem, Virginia
I am 58 years old, and I was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) in the early 1990's. It was under control, except that I lost my balance and fell every once in awhile and had to eventually begin using a cane. About six years ago, my arms got weak and my hands became uncoordinated. I was working as a medical transcriptionist, and eventually had to quit and go on disability. Four years ago, my...


Grand Junction, Colorado
I love learning about Health & Healing. As a woman with a history of Multiple Sclerosis and Severe Allergies, I have healed myself through nutrition, excersise, and herbs. One of the things that has helped me most is positive thinking. I believe my old negative thought patterns had alot to do with my health issues. I feel like I'm becoming more of the person I am meant to be. One day at a...


Wichita, Kansas
Dr. Jill Bergkamp-Engle opened her clinic near Central and Greenwich in the Fall of 2002.  She graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College – Kansas City in August of 2001 and stayed in KC area to gain knowledge from some of the best chiropractors in the area.  She returned to the Wichita area to be closer to family, soon after she met her husband Michael, and began a family of...

VidyaSury Facebook

The purpose of my blog is purely educational. My mother was not in good health for years - it all started when she was diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) - cause unknown (or idiopathic - as the docs say). There were many occasions when I had to spend hours trying to get information on things the doctors assumed I knew about. Sometimes it is good to do some research before a...


I am an active, creative and busy mom, wife and friend---always looking for something new.  Whether it be beauty products or food, exercises, places to visit-anything!  I love to research healthy eating, the nutrition and vitamin information of foods.  I'm interested in seeing how different foods, herbs and exercises can benefit you in so many ways and prefer...

Mark Pegram

I am educated as a mechanical engineer and currently engaged in representing packaging equipment companies to industry. I stumbled onto the understanding of vitamin D3 by making a 99% correlation between central air conditioning in homes and obesity in the US over the last two decades. In looking for cause and effect I found the understanding of D3. By supplementing with D3 my body has...


Westminster, California
I'm a Health and Wellness Coach who has personally benefited from a nutritional program that made me lose 18.4 lbs in just a matter of 6 to 8 weeks. It's an efficient and effective program that I am eager to share with anyone interested in health and wellness. I am also a Certified Instructor of the Arthritis Foundation teaching both Standard and Tai-Chi for Arthritis exercises. Furthermore,...


Selangor, Malaysia
We are changing thousands of lives around the world, reaping huge rewards of life extension, improved quality of life and the curing of so-called incurable diseases. This group will bring you up to date on the news, benefits and treatments and opportunities available in the world. Committed to quality ingredients, extensive research and unique formulas, we manufactures and distributes safe,...

Matt C. Patient Expert

Plymouth, Michigan
Leader of the greatest interactive marketing team by day, certified "Fitness Nerd" by night. I run a popular fitness blog -- -- that focuses on nutrition, exercise, healthy eating and the benefits of weight and resistance training. My editorial policy is pretty straight-forward: provide well-researched health, exercise and nutrition information in an un-biased,...