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Well, well, well. :) What to say here? I'm in my mid-thirties and making it a point to live well. Gone are the days of focusing only on work - "balance" is where it's at! I'm currently taking a basic sign language course and a beginner's yoga class. Some of my interests include blissing out at the beach, nature photography, and exercise.  In 2011, I think I'd like to learn...

eatspinlive Health Maven

Wichita Falls, Texas
  Hi, I’m Amanda! Welcome to Eat, Spin, Live! I am a 22 year old girl living in Texas with a passion for nutrition, healthy eating, staying active, and living life to the fullest! I just graduated from college with by Bachelors of Science in Psychology and am currently working towards my Masters in General Counseling! I love helping people in any way that I possibly can...
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WhitneyMCole Health MavenFacebook

Beverly Hills, California
Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Pilates Practitioner (Peak) & Nutrition Counselor A sporty youth preceded my undergrad at the University of Virginia, MBA at George Mason University and career in marketing in Washington, DC. A passion for fitness and recognizing an opportunity to inspire and improve lives through fitness and health education prompted me to earn my...

Emily C.

I attend Columbia University and though I can't find the time to play for any varsity intercollegiate teams, I am active in basketball and soccer intramurals. I play point guard in basketball, goalie in soccer. I also hold a first degree black belt in taekwondo. Other sports that I play outside of school (or have played) include: lacrosse, fencing, kayaking/rowing, and golf. I love water sports,...

Paula D.

Nags Head, North Carolina
The Queen of the Surf Pirates, mother to twins surf princesses who were born on Halloween Day 2006. A surfer extraordinaire, who thrills at dropping into a great wave and riding it to the as far as it will take me. I pay my bills by being a third grade teacher. When I can't surf I express myself as an artist, a singer of songs, a poet, a dancer of dances and writer of tales.
Communities: Skating/blading, Surfing

Rob E.

Latest healthy activity is surfing . . . well, surfing in the very broadest sense. I'm very new at it. If I stand up once any day I'm out there, it's a good day. If anyone's ever going out to Linda Mar on the weekend, I'm interested, because I'd rather be an idiot around friends than an idiot around strangers.
Communities: Surfing

Dr. Secretwave101 Patient Expert

United States
Officially launched in the Winter of 2008, the Dr. Secretwave101 blog has now garnered more than 60,000 unique visitors. Iâ??m honored that anyone would listen to my prattle. If you post questions or comments to this site, Iâ??ll probably answer. Maybe. Depends on the quality of breakfast, frankly. Extra-keen questions may be honored as a full blog post. After my family (wife +...
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im27 years old.. its been a month now seen i found out that im positive ANA.. it really scares me and my family, any how i have have to be strong to face this.. and cope by having new friends..
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I'm Christine - a Brooklynite, wife, mom to 2 boys, everyday fitness enthusiast and beginning surfer. Love, Life, Surf explores the things in my life and that I love. It also chronicles my quest to learn to surf and the challenges of balancing work, life, fitness and family.
Communities: Healthy Living

Mark P.

San Francisco, California
my core lifestyle revolves around health, fitness and being active in the outdoors. right now, this means swimming and cycling on a regular basis and surfing, snowboarding and hiking/camping when the opportunities arise.
Communities: Biking, Swimming, Surfing , ...