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Laura (Us)

On January 6th 2008, my teenage daughter, Jessica, became ill with what that week was diagnosed as mono, but still sick 5 months later, she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Her symptoms have included: sore throats, headaches, extreme fatigue, lack of focus, short-term memory difficulties, weakness, tiredness (feeling worn out), difficulty breathing, tight and sore legs... In...


The scourge of allergy is a very irritating and daunting experience for many another who have to support it. The causes fired be numerous and it is up to every someone to find out what triggers off an allergic reaction in him or her. One cause assigned is the type of bedding used and with so some chemical based mattresses such as particular store foam hitting the market; people have establish...

Holistic Bed and Breakfast

Hi everyone!   In sum, I had health issues my whole life, pre-diabetes, weight problems, back pain, leg pain, migraines, infections, indigestions, constant colds and bronchitis...   At the age of 18 i was 125, size 2-4 I was thin, but not healthy :( I went on to University  where I managed to gain a Law Degree, Master, Bar and a lovely 60 pounds of FAT. ...
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Goals: Lose weight

Colin Ellison

 I am a psychology major who writes about the use of diapers to manage bedwetting with older children and teenagers. In addition my writings are also applicable to adults who wet the bed and need to wear diapers to deal with the issue.       I have written a blog called Tips on Managing Bedwetting. The web address for this blog is...


This is how to avoid worrying in connection with se. As long ago as 2006, I insisted there was no Bed Defense worthy of recognition. I'm attempting to make this take off. You can discover a Bed Defense that takes you back to your younger days although the first matter you need to do is make certain you have Bed Defense. Bed Defense is known for its Bed Defense, thereby, setting the mood for Bed...


That's the time for a Bed Defense make over although I feel as if I was rode hard and put away wet. Let's adapt to it. You may find that you like this game plan. I may need to tell you how much nonsense I've found online. Where else can novices collect common Bed Defense solutions? Are you searching for using this right now? My affair has to adapt in order to thrive. Of course, now Bed Defense...


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The Pure Bed

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The Pure Bed Blog's mission is to promote healthy sexuality among married couples. Our sexuality is expressed physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. By informing our choices and understanding God's gift of sex to the institution of marriage, we increase our opportunities to enjoy this most precious part of married life. Carnell Borden is a senior pastor, IT professional, certified...
Communities: Relationships & Sex

Terry Piper

Terry Piper is a resourceful author who has written several articles on tanning beds, and other tanning bed accessories. Here in this write-up he has briefly described about different types of commercial tanning beds available on market and how to choose best commercial tanning bed for tanning salon.


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