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Dr. Lewis Cone

“I invite you to the Nutritional Healing Center.  Dr. Lewis Cone employs traditional Natural healing techniques including a broad range of  holistic-minded health care, holistic medicine, nutrition, diet therapy, Nutrition Response Testing, Natural Medicine, diet counseling, nutritional therapy, herbalist, Nutritionist, vitamin therapy, herbal medicine.  Nutritional...

Rob Patient Expert

Austin, Texas
I am a married father of one from Austin, Texas. We also have a cat, which I suppose makes me a father of two. I enjoy playing the guitar primarily, followed by banjo, and then whatever other instrument seems to grab my interest in a given week. I also enjoy web application development and consider programming a hobby. As for physical fitness, I do love weightlifting, but have been on hiatus for...


 i   don,t have a picture at this time, i am 61 and have been disable since 1995 because  of back injury. i am sorry but i do not give out my personal  imformation on the internet. thanks


Dr. Luther is a Washington local and comes from a family of health care practitioners including a medical doctor, OB Nurse and Nurse Midwife.He knew early on that health care was his passion. But it wasn’t until a lower back injury of his own that he decided to pursue the healing art of chiropractic.

DrGary Facebook

480/343-0585 Triton Chiropractic and Rehab in Mesa, Az. Car Accidents, Work Injuries, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Migraine Pain, Sports Injuries. All medical insurance accepted. Car insurnace accepted. Family plans, PPO's, attorney liens accepted.

American Med Care

When you are in pain, getting the right treatment is what\'s important. That is why at American Med Care, we offer many choices. We are a STATE OF THE ART FACILITY with an emphasis on treating your pain as well as your condition. We offer MEDICAL CARE, CHIROPRACTIC CARE, PHYSICAL THERAPY, LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY, SPINAL DECOMPRESSION, AND TRIGGER POINT INJECTIONS. We treat...


I have been practicing yoga for 9 months now, 5 of which have been private lessons. I started yoga for the physical aspects of it to mellow out my fibromyaga. There is also the spiritual aspect of it that is good but I had that journey years ago and have been at peace with the world for some time. My teacher has done wonders for me and I practice daily.  I have an issue that...

George Batista

George is a Certified Wellness Specialist, Nutritionist and Yoga Fitness Instructor who is has been passionate about health and wellness for over 15 years. Ever since he was a kid, George was always active. He was an athlete growing up playing high school baseball, football and heavily active in the martial arts and strength training. After high school George's passion for music led him to...

Kemner Chiropractic

Key West, Florida
Dr. Kevin Kemner is always accepting new patients and always provides a free consultation. Gentle Effective Hands on Relief. Headaches, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sports Injuries and Car Accident"s. Maintenance and Family Wellness Plans available. Licensed in FL, NY, & NJ. Member FL Chiropractic Association.

Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven

Salt Lake Valley, Utah
I'm a 74-year old runner, and I've been running for over 37 years, including four marathons, and have had only one injury due to running. That injury happened in 2007 and was due to not giving my body enough rest. I had reduced my mileage while I was increasing my LSD pace. Then I started increasing my distance but made too big of weekly increments and was injured. Because of my age, I have...
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