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Erin Burns

I'm living my dream. I have a soft spot for Sapphire martinis. I Google everything. I have Ab Fab girlfriends. I constantly have 5 projects in the works. I bake. I blog. I'm a Reality TV slut. (It's all TiVo's fault.) I can't say no to the beach. I have a love/hate relationship with Diet Coke. I love being at home. I'm hot for Teacher. A big piece of my heart is in Chicago. I don't like...


Caroline Gavin is a Christian Life Coach, Speaker, Author of Purposeful Pathway: Your Journey with Jesus and host of Purposeful Pathway Radio . As a Life Coach and the Founder of Purposeful Pathway, she helps others discern their vocational paths, live with purpose and align with God’s Way. The result of coaching is God-centered transformation. Caroline offers a variety of Christian...

Runner at Heart

My name is Daniella and I am 25 years old and live in the Boston area with my fiance Joe. I love spending time running, working out and cooking, When I am not doing these things I love spending time with my family and friends. I have run three marathons in the past two years and several other races of different distances. I never enjoyed running as a kid but three years ago I decided to...
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Calgary, Canada
I am me. A woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister,and friend living in the here and now, attempting to raise two little boys with as much patience, compassion and humor as possible. This takes a lot of energy, research and self teaching about a child's needs, a husband's needs and a mother's needs. It's a work in progress...always! In my spare time, you can find me here...blogging, cooking...

Chelsea Patient Expert

United States
The moment I went vegan, I sudenly was able to cook and bake. It was simply meant to be! As a child, my guinea pig Kristy made me more aware of animal feelings when she helped me through tough times. Ever since I have been involved in animal issues and vegan for over 13 years. I now work in recipe development, but also love to spend my time in nature and with animals. I recently got into...
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I am a 55 year old plumber turned designer of engineering systems (plumbing,hvac,electrical,utilities), turned plumber. I am currently in charge of the plumbing systems for four (4) prisons in the state of Wisconsin. I was born and raised in northern Wisconsin and resided there until 1985 at which time I moved to a small community near Appleton WI. I have been married for almost thirty...


Tulsa, Oklahoma
Author of In My Mind: The World through the Eyes of Autism", an endearing tale about how a child with autism sees the world... and how the world sees him. Adonya Wong, an Army brat and Navy veteran from Southern California, currently resides in northeastern Oklahoma with her family. After graduating high school, she joined the Navy where she served in Iceland and Maryland. She also served...


New York, New York
Fun guy that likes baseball and spending time with my child.
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United States
In the course of reading about running Iâ??ve come across many articles that focus on motivation, running form, minimalism, and places and reasons to run. Iâ??ve read stories by people who have accomplished ultra marathons, Ironmans and amazing consecutive day streaks. What I havenâ??t found, however, are many articles talking about the rest of us. By the rest of us I mean...
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Laura London

Are you frustrated getting fitness advice from a young girl who is half your age and who has zero experience in LIFE? Most fitness gurus have never had to deal with any of the fitness, metabolism and time management problems of a women who is old enough to have a life full of kids, family, and career.  You already know that you're fabulous, but you need someone who can show you how to...
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