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Tina M.

San Francisco, California
Tina lives in the Mission District in San Francisco, CA and is a postdoctoral fellow in the Taylor Lab at Stanford University. Her research involves developing and applying methods to quantify in vivo deformations of normal and diseased thoracic aortas using gated-CT imaging data, which may allow us to understand the biomechanical environment and progression of disease of the aorta. She will...
Communities: Dance, Exercise, Biking , ...


I am a 55 year old lady who is blessed each and everyday of my life. 7 years ago I was taking ill , I lost a lot of weight and seemed to be getting sicker by the day.I kept going to my doctor and she just kept giving me perscription after perscription and nothing was helping.Finally after 3 trips by ambulance I went to see her and told her she had to find out what was wrong. I told her I thought...


I am a 52 year old female with rapidly declining health.  I was diagnosed with probable MS twelve years ago and until about three years ago was doing pretty well, employed full-time, remodelling a 100 year old house on the weekends, climbing ladders, gardening, shovelling the driveway etc.  I lost my job in 2007 after contracting a MRSA infection.  The pain and fatigue I had...


hi i am rao am a bank officer aged 52 with one wife and one son who recently got job in a reputed software co. 1.since 1997 iam B. P patient taking aten-50 tab daily  2.since 1999 cervical is affecting me 3.since 2002 lumabar is affecting me 4.i also have enlarged prostrate gland though not alarming proportion right now 5.the following are noticed in recent 2d...


My name is Peyton and I am a little girl with a lot of attitude! I was born with a rare genetic condition called Nager Syndrome. My blog is my way of telling my family and friends about life with this complex syndrome. I have a tracheostomy, a g tube, severe bilateral hearing loss, aortic valve disease, craniofacial, hand, arm and shoulder anomolies. Despite all that I am a normal toddler...