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Bill W. Health Maven

Palm Beach County, Florida
Hi, My name is Bill. I?m an alcoholic, addict and codependent. My sobriety date is September 14th, 1989. I've been writing about recovery in a variety of places for some years. A couple of years ago I started a blog related to Buddhism, and incorporated a bunch of articles and essays that I'd written about addiction as sort of a sideline. Those pages have gotten a bunch of hits, and a couple...

annie s.

hastings uk, Alabama
I am 54 live on the english south coast.. love my children love driving love my job teaching special needs kids...struggling to live with an alcoholic husband ...relations have just about completely broken down as a result of alcohol abuse and verbal abuse plus some threatening behaviour tho not actually physical..


Forest Hill, Maryland
I am in recovery, with 32 years of sobriety, and have been working in the addictions field for 30 years. My passion is helping individuals with problems related to their own drug or alcohol use, or such use by someone they care about. I am married with five children, and seven grandchildren. I currently work full time, and have for 20 years, as the Director of Alcohol and Drug Education and...
Communities: Alcoholism, Drug Addiction

Alcohol Drug Rehab san Jose

Alcohol Drug Rehab Centers San Jose offer trained counselors to provide you with the best treatment options, no matter if you or a loved one is suffering from drug, alcohol or prescription drugs.
Communities: Alcoholism

Alcohol Drug Rehab Atlanta

Alcohol Drug Rehab Centers Atlanta offer respectful and helpful professional addiction counselor to discuss about the best solution to solve your problem by best treatment options
Communities: Alcoholism

Alcohol Drug Rehab New York

Alcohol Drug Rehab New York offer offers experienced counselors to treat you or someone you know who is addicted to alcohol, drugs, prescription medicine
Communities: Rock climbing, Alcoholism

Alcohol Drug RehabPhiladelphia

Top drug, alcohol, gambling, and pain management treatment facility.  Specialized advisors aid with long term recovery, family support, personalized  detox and programs to get rid of addiction.
Communities: Alcoholism, Drug Addiction

Drug Rehab Jacksonville

Alcohol Drug Rehab Jacksonville offers trained counselors to provide you with the best treatment centers, no matter if you or a loved one is suffering from drug, alcohol or prescription drugs
Communities: Alcoholism, Drug Addiction


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Al-Anon Lifer Patient Expert

Littleton, Colorado
I'm a long-time member of Al-Anon which is where I continue to recover from the effects of living with alcoholism in family members. It is where I've learned to love myself and make serenity my main goal in life, no matter what is going on. I now have a Greater Power of my own understanding who has helped me along the way, mostly through members of Al-Anon who I call "God with skin" -...