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Lee W.

West Palm Beach, Florida
Lee A. Wilkinson, PhD, is an applied researcher and practitioner with a special interest in developmental psychopathology. He is a nationally certified school psychologist, chartered educational psychologist, chartered scientist, and certified cognitive-behavioral therapist. His research and professional writing has focused on behavioral consultation and therapy, and children and adults...

Mike S. Patient Expert

United Kingdom
I am Mike Stanton. I live and work in the UK where I teach children with severe learning difficulties, many of whom are autistic. My adult son is diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. I am a member of the National Autistic Society. I speak and write on autism. My book, “Learning to Live with High Functioning Autism” is available in a Spanish translation, Convivir con el...

Dulcinea W.

madison, Wisconsin
I am a young 21 year old outgoing woman who loves life and loves to work hard. I am a single mommie of a 6 month old baby boy, (WHO BY THE WAY IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE)!!! I work and go to school, but in my spare time I love to dance hip hop and salsa. I want to be a professinal dancer one day but it is really hard to get noticed in the town i live in. Anyways, I am just looking for some...
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chardi H.

im chardi. tm 21 years old. i live in Ohio.

Jessica L.

Boston, Massachusetts
Hi i'm jessica. I'm a 21 year old single mom and full time student. My daughter is 17 months and she is my world. I set a goal to lose all of my baby weight by her 2nd birthday in late August. I also set a goal to do a triathlon this year. I am a busy person, but I know with support I can get through it.


Las Vegas, Nevada
Hi- My name is Yasmine! I'm 21 years old and going to school in Las Vegas, NV. I have a 6 month old maltese named Louie. I am dating my total polar opposite. We live in an apartment together along with his immediate family (helping them out!) which has proved to be challenging.  There's so much more- But i'll stop there :)


Augusta, Kansas
I am a 41 year old single mother of 4 children.  My oldest is 24 and she has 3 children of her own.  Next is my 21 year old daughter, my 17 year old son and my youngest daughter is 6.    I work full time with children in foster care and I am returning to college full time in August to get my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.
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London, United Kingdom
I've heard voices since I was 21 years old and self harmed since I was 14.  This blog looks at my experiences of mental illness and how it affects my everyday life.  It is written as a form of therapy and a personal journal so content can be mature at times.


Rome, Italy
hi m my name is Nazanin , and I'm from Iran . i'm 21 years old , I'm studying french in university and i'm goin to Italy next year ... I love music , painting , writing , reading books , watching movies , exercising  and playing tennis ...:)
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Sun City, California
Hello my name is Nancy and i'm 21 years old. I've beed obese for most of my life but things started to go really bad when I was about 16 i started gaining the weight to fast and i weight around 265 So being stupid i started doing crystal and was happy to do it for about 8 months in which I lost about 120 pounds but then I stopped doing that stuff and gained the weight back and even more I was...