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Angela Facebook

United States
Hi, I am Angela. I live in Texas. I am a stay-at-home mom. I have five adopted children. Our adoptive journey has been a long and wonderful one. From 1989 to present we have adopted both healthy and special needs children. Our adoptions have ranged from closed adoption in 1989 to open adoptions from 2000 - Present. I love to talk about adoption, family and special needs children! I am also...

meredith Patient Expert

orlando, Florida
I'm a Christian wife and mother of 5.  My children include two adopted and three biological kids ranging from birth year 2003-2009.  Three of my children have Down syndrome and one of those has extra challenges from strokes and institutionalization before her adoption.  My adopted children began their lives in Eastern Europe and joined our family at 18 months and 5 years...


hurst, Texas
I am the mother to 3 beautiful adopted children. 7,5, and 4. my 4 year old son has XXXY syndrome, Hyper IGE(aka Job-buckley or Job syndrome) A mild form of ectodermal dysplasia

Diane D. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine

Troutdale, Oregon
I am a wife of 32 years and a mother of 10! We have adopted 4 of our children. I'm heavily into researching alternative medicine and and natural remedies. My husband was diagnosed with StagelV cancer 3 years ago. After chemo and radiation didn't work, and the cancer traveled to his lungs, we started treating him naturally. He is happy and healthy today and we are looking at him definitely...


Alton, United Kingdom
32 years old, married with no kids but I do have 3 crazy cats! I had Scoliosis surgery at age 12 and now have a super fast Harrington rod LOL, my parents always called me "Bionic Burton" (maiden name). I am currently living in Spain but I was born in Yorkshire, moved to Spain 10 years ago, chasing a dream, 10 years later that dream came true. We are in the process of adoption a child...

Kathy B.

Milton, Pennsylvania
I am 46 years old and have been married for 9 years to my husband Tim who I met on the internet.  Tim and I were not able to have children so we have done foster care for the last 5 years in the hopes that we could adopt.  We have not adopted any children, but we currently have 3 boys who are brothers living with us that we will be taking guardinaship of.  They are...


United States
I am a former college administrator who is now the adoptive parent of 12 children, most of whom are now teens. My blog tells our story.... day after day.
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United States
Hello! I'm a single mom of three children adopted domestically through foster care. We muddle through, guided by God, and do the best we can along the way.
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BLOOM is the #1 source for practical information on parenting kids with disabilities. We combine parent voices and the best professional advice from Bloorview Kids Rehab and beyond. BLOOM promotes the concept that every child blooms in his or her own unique way. My name is Louise and I have four children, two adopted. My oldest son has a rare genetic condition and multiple disabilities. I hope...

philip j.

indianapolis, Indiana