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NurseApril Health Maven

I am the 38 year old mother to a 5 year old girl (bd Sept 05) and a 3 year old boy (bd Nov 07) I am an RN, I work part time for a community college as a clinical instructor for LPN students. In the summers I work for an agency in various nursing homes as a supervisor. Now I am working on my master's degree in nursing education through an online class.  I...

Sharon LaMothe Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenFacebook

Seattle, Washington
Sharon LaMothe has been in the Infertility Industry since 1998 when she signed her first Gestational Surrogacy contract. She subsequently gave birth to twin girls and in 2000 was invited to join a FL law firm recruiting and managing surrogacy arrangements.  After leaving the legal arena in 2003, Sharon then co-owned and operated Surrogacy Consultants of Florida, LLC, the first...


Both the escort agencies Ottawa Escorts and Toronto Escorts ensure that their regular customers are treated well in terms of special rates as well as making available their best escorts on demand for them. This is achieved by keeping track of what these customers want from the escorts and providing regular refresher training to them so that they can measure up to these expectations. The agency...


The Missisagga escorts and Oshawa escorts agency services operating in these parts assure customers of absolute discretion in their dealings and that infuses confidence among many customers to deal with them on a regular basis. These agencies take regular feedback from customers and equip the escorts with training so that they are able to meet all demands of customers. It is a therefore a...

GaryAtNewlife Facebook

New Life's core belief is that healthy babies are born to healthy surrogates. To help ensure healthy surrogates we provide the best and most comprehensive surrogate maternity medical insurance in the world which allows for the best maternity medical care for surrogates in the world. New Life Agency, Inc. provides exclusive insurance policies that meet the needs and anticipates the future...

Hope Development Volunteers

HDV is a service organization with a dual role: serving both the needs of volunteers and not-for-profit organizations. As a matchmaker HDV matches volunteers with the non-profit organizations in Africa that need them. Last year, HDV made approximately 370 referrals based on personal interviews to over 75 non-profit organizations across Africa.  The services HDV provides are free to...