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Monroe, Washington

eatspinlive Health Maven

Wichita Falls, Texas
  Hi, I’m Amanda! Welcome to Eat, Spin, Live! I am a 22 year old girl living in Texas with a passion for nutrition, healthy eating, staying active, and living life to the fullest! I just graduated from college with by Bachelors of Science in Psychology and am currently working towards my Masters in General Counseling! I love helping people in any way that I possibly can...
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Clearwater, Florida
I'm a proofreader at an accounting firm by day (it's better than it sounds) and a burgeoning runner by night. I started running seriously (well, I use this term loosely) at the beginning of 2011. A friend encouraged me to sign up for a 5K in February. And, that's all it took. I'm hooked. Since then, I've ran two more 5Ks, and I am training for a half marathon. And, I've signed up for two 10Ks...
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My name is Zaneta and I just started running purely for running's sake this past April (2010). My very first 5k was on April 24th and I have since done about 8 5ks and a half-marathon on September 25th. I blog about my journey in meeting goals and making new goals in running and about trying to live a healthy lifestyle.


Hi! I'm Jena! I started running in Sept 2009. I signed up for a 5k in October 2009 and I've been addicted to running & racing ever since! I've run approx 16-17 5ks, 3- 10ks, 3 15ks, and 3 half-marathons. I struggle with a IT band issues so that is something I'm always trying to manage. I write about my life, and running. I enjoy writing, and write like I'm talking to a friend about whatever...

Kathleen Patient Expert

Bluffton, Indiana
My name is Kathleen and growing up I was never what you would call an overweight child but certainly had some extra love handles that I didnâ??t love as a young girl and on into my early teens and 20â??s. After having two children I decided that I would always have some extra â??junk in the trunkâ?? I resolved myself to those proverbial baby weight pounds...


I'm a 21 year old recent university graduate suffering from social anxiety/social phobia.  I'm just starting to take steps to overcoming my SA by going to support groups and therapy groups after years of ignoring it.


Gainesville, Florida
My name is Maureen. I'm a 22 year old college student, who, upon making a firm life-change decision nearly a year ago, has undergone a metamorphosis into kind of a health nut. I'm currently training for a 15k in Jacksonville, FL (the Gate River Run), which will be my first legit race. I started running last May, but without any kind of training plan. I started on a solid regimen back in late...

Melina {AdmireMyOwn}

Pensacola, Florida
I'm a God follower, Pug mother, USMC lover, blog writer, AND a picky eater, wine drinker, bad cooker, and gym hater, but I can do this! I will not dream of looking like the other girls because instead I will admire my own!