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Penelope Przekop is the author of Aberrations: A Novel (Emerald/Greenleaf) and Six Sigma for Business Excellence (McGraw-Hill). On her blog, Aberration Nation, she interviews people with various mental, physical, and situational aberrations. Members of the Aberration Nation are heros who are... Full Bio
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Jul 28 2009 by keke.dawizz.86
Hi i am a 23 year old femalel and i have recently stopped taking birth control because I was taken off my parents insurance  and I can't afford them at this time because I haven't found a job yet.  That was four weeks ago, which was my last week of pills and my period was at that time. My period was suppose to come on last tuesday and it hasnt. Im have all the symptoms of a period with no spotting or bleeding. I feel a little nauseated from time to time. Im getting really bad cramps in my lower back.  My appetite has decreased because my stomach feel like its full even though I haven't eaten anything. I get headaches from my sinuses when the weather changes but lately ive been gettin headaches more frequently. I thought I might be pregnant so I've taken a couple of home pregnancy test and they both were negative. I haven't had any past medical problems except a two UT infections but thats it. Can you please help me?
Jan 08 2009 by Penelope P.

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