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Nov 26 2008 by Nming
Running and a healthy diet (plenty of healthy food) combined will help you lose weight, and maintain that healthy weight over the long haul. You have to change your lifestyle. Not easy, but well worth it! You can do it!
May 01 2008 by Annie H.

for exercise, or punishment as i often refer to it, i hate cardio but i try to bust out at least half an hour a day. usually it is only a mile on the treadmill and the rest of the elliptical, but somedays i am lazy and just walk up hills. i do strength training everyother day ish and it is all on the machines. i am kind of intimidated by the free weight section. something about men yelling across the gym...

i am billing support in a doctor's office. i am responsible for entering new patients in our system and (my favorite part) sorting about 5,000 pieces of paper according to insurance to make it easier for the coding department. basically the staff sits around and says, "oh i don't want to do this. i know! annie can do it!" it's all very exciting, but my last day is 08.08.08. i am counting down.

as for school, i am going to missouri western state university in st. joseph, mo. it is about an hour away. my personal choice was somewhere in virgina, but my parents shot me down. that is okay because i am far enough away. my friend is going to unl in the fall. that is relatively close to you, i believe.

yet again, a novel. you may as well get used to it. i just get to typing and this is what comes out. have a fantastic evening. i am going to bed because i can't watch grey's. we are having all sorts of tornado warnings so i have to watch the stupid weathermen "predict" what will happen.

until tomorrow...friday at last.

Apr 30 2008 by Annie H.

Haha that was the response I was looking for. My work would put me on "probation" if I missed another day. Everyone at my work is a proby and it means nothing...we are sticking it to the man. My day was wasted as usual, but I got paid for my eight hours and then it was off to my brother's house to babysit and then to the store with the rents. My life is oh-so-exciting for an eighteen year old. Can't you tell?

As for the gym, it is not so much my favorite place, but mine is small and there is never more than like five people there. I didn't go today, but tomorrow I will go through the typical suffering called exercise. Are you one of those people who can bust out a two hour workout and look like you just walked in? I personally look like I am dying. My shirt is soaked with sweat, my face is beat red, my makeup is smeared, and my hair is dripping. Not a pretty sight and it makes me wonder why people choose the gym as a place to hit on people...

Off to bed to start yet another exciting day! Get ready because it's going to be good.

Oh and this wasn't supposed to be a novel, but it is. 


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