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I am a Filipino and a proud mommy to my three boys (and soon be delivering my fourth baby, a girl finally!). I am stay at home mom and I see to it that I am hands on with my kids. I love writing specially if it concerns health, family and kids. I maintain a parenting blog that I update... Full Bio
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Let’s Join TOMS #withoutshoes Campaign

For sure you have been seeing my Instagram #withoutshoes photos. This is for TOMS One Without Shoes... [[ Visit my site to read more :) Happy...

Adarna House Invites You To Peryang Adarna

Adarna House celebrates 35th year anniversary with Peryang Adarna, a whole-day carnival-themed... [[ Visit my site to read more :) Happy...

Miracle For Mommy, Mother’s Day Giveaway Winners

My plans for this Mother’s Day giveaway is huge.. and just like last year, I failed.. huhuhu... [[ Visit my site to read more :) Happy...


BGC!!!! Are you ready for the flavor revolution?!? The global authority of flavor, Wingstop, soon... [[ Visit my site to read more :) Happy...

ASUS Zenfone 2 Is Now In The Philippines!!!

The highly anticipated smart phone is FINALLY HERE!!!!! At the Experience 2Morrow event, ASUS CEO... [[ Visit my site to read more :) Happy...

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december 15 pa pla. kaya pa yan. :D
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Good luck to you,Pehpot!!^_^
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