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Humor and Honesty are the tools I use to get through this journey. I hope to teach my two daughters that, as tough as this road is, face it head on.
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How Dare I Feel Down

I've been off of chemo since mid-June.  I kept up with all the parties and family and running around. No afternoon napping for me.  Moved into...

Chemo Is Officially Over....Now What?

After weekly chemo from April 2009 thru June 2010, I am done with chemo. I had a few breaks during that time due to infections, blockages, and...

Still Trying To Decide Where To Put This Cancer

No exact end date for chemo, but I'm sooo ready to be done with it: the rash, the long sleeves and pants, the cracked skin and painful sores on...

Time To Re-Focus and Lay Out the Gratitude List

I've been in a funk since my surgery. I'm cranky, I'm still fatigued and healing, I'm emotional and just plain lost. As I was showering this...
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