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Brisbane, Australia
G'Day, my name is Keira! I am a 23 yr old arts student at the University of QLD and part time nanny. I love cats , cartoons, and crochet. I am recovering from an eating disorder - hence the eating disorder blog. I like to look at the lighter side of life because growing up in the murky,... Full Bio
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Update, blog plugging, identity

I've noticed the number of followers slowly growing... yay double figures! So, I thought I'd come say hi... I have been devoting more time to...

Introduction - new recovery memoir (one year + one girl: one recovery)

Day 0 - intro I am feeling: excited Welcome to the start of a 365 day insight into life after an eating disorder. I am still in that stage...

Putting this blog on hiatus...

I have a new one year project that I want to try out :) a daily chronicle of what life is like after an eating disorder. Why recovery is worth...

Review the blog, my life, work

Ah! My writing style has been tainted by years of psychology subjects ;) ...but I like the cookie is supposed to be light-hearted and un-preachy....

Skills and Strategies - the new buzzword: Acceptance

Acceptance is a bit of a buzzword in a number of treatment programs for mental illness: DBT and ACT being two. In Dialectical Behaviour Therapy...

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Jan 16 2010 by Draculess
Good for you! You're drinking the way you should. Keep up the good work!

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