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Wollongong, Australia
A woman born in the baby boomer era trying to keep healthy and happy and living life to the fullest.
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4 ways to lift your mood quickly

This is an extract from a post from my Friend Corny from Squidoo: Surround yourself with: 1.  Bright colors 2. Bright...

Anxiety and Physical Symptoms

I think most people who have never experienced stress or panic attack don’t really realize that there are anxiety physical symptoms that...

My personal affirmations

These are my personal affirmations that I try to use every day. Affirmations have been used since we have had language.  Personal...

Secrets to avoiding stress and overeating

Image by Amit Gupta via Flickr We all need to eat, but the problem starts when you eat for comfort when you are...

Recognizing panic attack symptoms

Fear is the most typical of all panic attack symptoms. This is often characterized by the strong desire to flee. You cant predict a panic...

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