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Fort White, Florida
I have been living w/ Hep C for 22 years. I live in Florida.  I love positive thinking. I have two sons and three grandchildren. I am a happy hepper. living everyday w/ a positive outlook.  I will not let my disease get in my way of enjoying life.
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I had a very scarey day Friday. My drive in rain did not make my trip anymore exciting. The best part was getting stuck in stop dead traffic for...

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Went to the Mayo Clinic on Friday and had two biopsys on my bowel and both came back Cancer free. Thank You God

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Jul 22 2009 by Sparky
17th Hats Off America Red T-Shirt 10K Run/5K Run or Walk Sat Sept. 12 see with over 12, 000 miles run for Gold Star Families in 7 years
Apr 23 2009 by Smitty3
Yes.  I lost 10 pouns in January and nothing since.  I haven't gained though.  I'll put a picture on now.  Thanks!
Apr 16 2009 by FLLAZYLADY
Would love to here from someone else w/ Hep C. To share secrets on how to be positive for another day.

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