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I'm Paul. I live in Tofino, BC with my wife Lisa. I also play music, make websites, and I'm also an ordained minister, but that's neither here nor there. Lately I've been trying to make food with single ingredients only. It's fun, but time consuming, but that's the point - good food isn't... Full Bio
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34 for 34

I suppose birthdays are a time for reflection, so here is a list of 34 things I’ve learned in my 34 years of (semi) consciousness. The...

An Open Letter to the Planet

Phrases like “save the planet” or “save the environment” don’t make much sense. The planet and the environment were here long before us, and...


Something that’s come up a lot lately in my life is watching people “lose their shit” when something in their work life doesn’t go the way they...

how to win at instagram

for those of you who don’t use the internet (i assume that can’t be many of my readers), you may not have heard of instagram . it’s a social...

eat awesome is now available!

my book is finally ready for consumption. here’s a bit more information about it: Eat Awesome is a regular person’s guide to...

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