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Paula G.

Albertson, New York
I am Dave's mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As well as Julie's mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a speech therapist, a tennis player, a singer, a dancer, a bowler, an arts and crafts lover, an exerciser, a friend, a traveler, a reader, a rhymer, an oma, a sister, a cousin and a significant other.
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Aug 24 2008 by Niell A.
Hi, Im new here and I have sent and invitation to you to be my friend I hope its ok. Thanks.
Apr 13 2008 by Lela D.
Avoiding sweets can be tough.  My strategy is to increase fruits, as well as keep small chocolates on hand.  We shouldn't have to deny ourselves the good stuff completely.
Mar 31 2008 by Dave K.
Go mom!  You can do it!  Set yourself a daily reminder - it's working well for me!